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Confidant, Guide and Mother

Story ID:8043
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
Person:Ginny (Mother)
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There she was! I watched her walk down the hallway into departures. Her photos told no
lie. In fact, they failed to capture her beauty. In awe, I stepped closer to the gate.

Ginny looked up and recognized me from the photos I’d sent her. My heart heated and
showed in the blush that filled my face. There she was, the woman I fell in love with and now
finally see.

After months of talking on the phone and over the internet, I held out my arms and felt
her warmth slip into them. Perfume filled my senses. Her small hands on my back pulled me
tight to her. Our lips touch passionately in our first kiss. The excitement of being with her at
last makes my hands tremble.

She was the mother of two grown children – a son and a daughter – and a grandmother
to four boys.

A short five months later, we married. She gained two more children – my son and
daughter. In the few minutes it took us to become man and wife, I not only became a husband
again, but a grandfather (Papa Mike).

My beautiful Ginny is not only the mother to her children. She is the mother to mine.
My now grown children adore her.

It wasn’t always so. We didn’t tell them we were going to marry. My son knew, because
he lived with us, but my daughter, Vanessa, was five hundred miles away. I didn’t want to upset
her. Too many people already thought it was too soon after our spouses died for us to marry.

The truth had to be told. We couldn’t keep it secret forever. I broke the news to Vanessa
over the phone a few days later. “Dad! Are you crazy?” I believe those were her exact words.

“Vanessa, you don’t know her. Believe me. You’ll love her.”

A few months later, Ginny and I drove to Ohio for Ginny to meet my daughter and to
visit dear friends of mine. We met Vanessa and two of her friends at a restaurant. She brought
them along for moral support. I learned later, she was scared to meet her step-mother.

I was worried too. I wanted them to love each other.

Fifteen minutes after meeting, all five us were laughing so hard, we were asked to tone
it down. We were disturbing the other diners. For a few minutes we did, but were soon laughing
loudly again.

My heart ached with love for my two girls – wife and daughter. The relief I felt was

Today, they are best friends. Ginny knows more about Vanessa’s life in Ohio than I do.
Vanessa calls Ginny and confides everything to her. I learn second hand the things a daughter
may want her dad to know. There are other things she doesn’t want dad to know. Ginny keeps
them to herself. I don’t mind. My daughter has a mom she can trust with her secrets.

Ginny thank you for being a wonderful wife. More importantly, thank you for being
there for my kids and for being Vanessa’s confidant, guide and mother.

Michael T. Smith