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Landlords in Alabama

Story ID:8045
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Well,it's another dreary day here in old Phenix City Alabama.I am writing this piece in case some of you who might read it are facing the same situation as my wife and I.
We rented a little bungalowe type house about 9 months ago and signed a years lease for the property paying $1400 which is $700 security deposit and $700 for the first months rent,the house came with a refridgerator,dishwasher and anda washing machine and dryer,the belt on the washing machine broke about two weeks after we moved in and the plumbing starting leaking out side and inside (it is a septic system)I informed the property manager of the fact that these things were happening,he told me to fix them and take the price of the labor ect.ect out of the $700 monthly rent (did I mention that the upstairs light blink and go off when you cut them on?)I told him no,that he should come out and have the wireing and plumbing inspected by a professional,to date this has not happened,what how ever has happened is that the property managers daughter who is the owner had her job "curtailed" in Germany and has returned home,now I have had these two individuals coming to my home unannounced,showing up on sunday evening and walking around in the yard taking pictures of my un cut grass,incessant telephone calls.Finally I let them come to the house for an un specified inspection of the premises inside and out (my attorney says they did not have the right to do this) and then the next day they hand delivered a 14 day notice to vacate.According to what i can find on the computer under the alabama code for landlord/tenant they were supposed to include a "notice to cure" any defect (my uncut lawn)of which they did not offer an opportunity to do.
I have spent 14 years in the u.s.military and I KNOW harassment when I see it or experience it.
I feel that they want the $700 security deposit as well as to kick us out before the month is over in order that the daughter can move in to the house,she is currently living in her fathers home.This my friend, is not going to happen,I have a signed lease agreement,I have paid for this months rent and I want my security deposit back.
Bob Mitchum
tis is a some what condensed version of what has been going on this entire month.