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Happy’s Korner…Spring Has Finally Arrived

Story ID:8066
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Happy’s Korner…Spring Has Finally Arrived

I am happy that Gail is back.

I am happy that Spring has finally arrived. Late as usual in the mountains of Montana.

I am happy to see leaves appearing on the deciduas trees

I am happy to see the pollen pods burst on my 31 Blue Spruce trees, even though it makes my eyes itch.

I am happy to be alive and able to scratch my eyes.

I am happy to go out about dawn for coffee and hear the birds stirring in my trees.

I am happy to have a flock of Canadian Geese flying over my head as I ride my scooter to the coffee shop.

I am happy to have friends to drink coffee with each morning.

I am happy to see two Mallard ducks walking down the street ahead of me, apparently more interested in mating than an old poot on a scooter.

I am happy that those ducks don’t hate me for all their relatives I have shot and eaten.

I am happy to have a wife that loves me but is glad I am not a duck.

I am happy to have two laptops. One I type on and one named Eddy, who sits on my lap, watching the birds in my feeder and purrs in contentment.

I am happy to look forward to a fried balogny sandwich for lunch.

I am happy just to say I love all of you and thank you for commenting on my postings.

Chuck in Montana…God Bless You All!