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Movin again

Story ID:8075
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Misplaced Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Moving Again

When I moved from Chelsea
I did with heavy heart
Left all my friends
From where my life did start.

12 miles doesnít
Seem so far away
But now I did not see my Chelsea friends
That I used to see almost every day.

Moved from El Dorado
Out California way, this is why
Because of a terrible tornado
That hit El Dorado in the month of July

It was a happy move
You see
Kinda a rough start
Looking for work for me

I left a lot of friends
Some I will never see again
Iíll remember all
From way back when.

Iím on the move again
From Hemet back to Corona
Just thinking of moving
Makes me want to ďgroanaĒ

The friends that Iím leaving now, in Hemet
Are well over 55
Moving is going to be a bummer
But I suppose weíll survive

Leaving ďOldĒ friends
None I will forget
Iím looking forward to meeting new friends
Havenít met any just yet.

The new house was built in 1963
Westend of Corona town
Big yard, big lot
And fruit trees all around

Orange, grapefruit trees,
Guava, fig and peach
Most of the ripe fruit
Is just out of reach

So Iíll wait till they ripen
Fall off the tree
Iíll be so healthy
Just you wait and see.

I hope this will be my last move
It has been quite a chore
Iím not getting any younger
Donít want to move anymore.

To my Hemet friends and neighbors
Looking forward to something new
But Iíll not ever forget
You, you and you.

On every move
Iíve had a ball
Iíve got so many good memories
Itís like Iím not moving at all.

Until we meet again
On some far off shore
Weíll take up where we left off
Just like it was before.

Movin On
Monte L. Manka 05-20-2012