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We Give Time

Story ID:8086
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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On May 27, 2012, I handed Ginny a tissue-wrapped package. “Happy eighth anniversary,
baby.” I smiled.

“Well, you did better than I did. You wrapped mine. I didn’t wrap yours.” She laughed,
left the room, returned and handed me a bag.

Inside the bag was a box I recognized and hoped it was what I thought it was. Three
weeks before, I was at the store where Gin works. I waited for her to finish her shift to drive
her home. To kill time, I browsed the jewelry section, looking for ideas for her on our big day.
I spun the carousel of watches. “What are you doing?”

I jumped and turned. “I’m ready to go.” Ginny said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m just killing time.”

“Looking at watches?”

“What better way to kill time?” I spun the carousel again. A watch caught my eye. I’m
not a watch fanatic, but this one spoke to me. “Oh! Look at this one.” It was slim with gold trim
and a black strap. “I like this.” I lifted the box from the rack and looked at the price. “It’s a fifty
dollar watch on sale for fifteen.”

“Do you want it?”

I did, but I’m not frivolous. We could spend fifteen dollars on other things. I had a
working watch. “No! I like it, but I’ll pass.”

Every time I picked up Ginny from work, I went to the jewelry section, but the watch
was gone. “Someone must have bought it.” I thought sadly. I should have got it when I had the
chance. With Ginny’s discount, we could have got it for eight dollars.

I did see a watch that Ginny would love, which I bought and wrapped for her anniversary

I opened the box Ginny gave me. Inside was the watch I wanted. She opened her
package and found a watch too. There was also a necklace I got at another store using a gift
card someone gave me for Christmas.

We both received new watches on our eighth anniversary. How fitting for a couple who
have a marriage that works, because we give time. We give each other time to be alone, time to
do what we want to do and most importantly, we give our time to each other – time for love,
friendship and laughter.

We give time.

Michael T. Smith