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Real Love Endures

Story ID:8087
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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My grandson Benny sits beside me on the sofa, playing a game on Ginny’s computer. It’s
his weekend to spend a sleepover with Poppa Mike and Gingin. On the other side of him, Ginny
watches the movie Benny ignores, “Beauty and the Beast”. She says it’s her favorite.

I stare at her and think about the eight years of companionship we’ve shared. There was
the laughter, the rough times we endured, the beautiful companionship and best of all, the love.

Ginny stares at the movie. I stare at her and remember all the life we’ve shared in eight
short years. The trials that challenged us would have collapsed most marriages. Our love holds

As a teen, I knew what I wanted in a wife. I found it, but Georgia passed away a few
months before our twentieth anniversary.

The dream ended.

A year later, Ginny was my wife. My teen dream was back.

I’ve written about my love for her so often, it may get old for my regular readers. I’m
sorry, but love is an inspiration for words.

Eight years ago, Ginny and I drove to Jersey City, took the subway under the Hudson
River to Manhattan, walked to city hall, and because of a terrorist drill, were directed to
Brooklyn, where we were married by the justice of the peace.

The justice saw us in the line of other couples and singled us out as a pair who showed
true love. We weren’t marrying on a whim. “Don’t you worry.” she said. “I’ll see to it that
you’re married today.”

On our way home, we walked through midtown Manhattan. I leapt into the air and
clicked my heals together. I was happy again.

The dream I had as a teen was to marry a woman who loved me back. I wanted a
marriage full of happiness. I needed a woman who was strong, when I needed a push in the
right direction. I dreamt of a woman I could cuddle with – who enjoyed cuddling back. I wanted
happiness. I wanted a friend I called my wife.

Ginny and I have been through a lot. Life threw us many challenges – lost jobs, my son
in trouble with the law, Ginny’s daughter and children moving in with us, a car repossessed
and an eviction. The list is long.

We overcame.

Sitting with our grandson between us, we know, true love is stronger than what life can
deal out.

Real love endures.

Michael T. Smith