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I Enjoy the Read

Story ID:8096
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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I donít remember the title, but I remember the book had two hundred and fifty-four
pages. I got the book from the bookmobile, which came to our village every three weeks, when I
was a kid. It was the biggest book I had attempted to read at the time. I found it on a shelf of
youth mystery books in that wonderful, book-scented bus, filled with all delights of reading.

Wind-blown rain pattered noisily against my bedroom window, as I opened the cover and
flipped to chapter one. For several hours I was lost in the story. I looked at the page number and
saw I wsas on page sixty. ďThatís not too bad,Ē I thought. ďIím almost a quarter of the way

I looked at the number of pages in a book as a scary chore. Throughout my teens, I
always checked the page number I read and compared it to the total number, anxious to be done
with the task Ė whether reading for pleasure or homework. I gauged my progress by how close I
was to the end. My satisfaction came when I closed the book on the last page.

Forty years later, enthralled with a good story, I never look at the page number. I enjoy
the story. The end is no longer a sigh of relieve. Itís a sad moment, when I have to leave the
world in the pages and return to the real one. I savor every moment of the life I am taken to
between the pages.

It was those same teenage years when I longed for time to fly, so I could be on my
own Ė to live the life I wanted. I didnít savor the pages as they turned. Today, my final page
is hopefully not too close. I want to savor the story my life pages have to offer. Iíve learned to
enjoy the story. Each page is carefully read and loved for the new information it holds. What did
yesterday teach me?

I turn the page on tomorrow. What new mystery and excitement will unfold?

I no longer rush life; I enjoy the read.

Michael T. Smith