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Iím from the IRS and Iím here to help youÖ

Story ID:8122
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Iím from the IRS and Iím here to help youÖ
By Chuck Dishno

About 40 years ago in Fresno, my friendís wife, Gloria, decided to have a huge yard sale with several of her neighbors. When the big day came, they had amassed a large amount of stuff and the sales were fantastic. They bragged to everyone who would listen about how much money they had made.

This gave me a great idea. I waited about a week then had a friend who was tall and dignified, put on a dark suit and go over to Gloriaís house. He rang the doorbell and when Gloria came to the door, he introduced himself as a IRS agent who also worked for the state board of equalization, the agency that collects sales tax. He told her that he had to see a list of all the items and the sales receipts in order to determined how much profit she had made. He then told her that she would have to pay 6% sales tax on all sales then report the sale on her income tax.

Poor Gloria just stood there with her mouth open and muttered something about taking a few days to get it all together. This was all right with the ďagentĒ and gave her until the next week when he would return.

Needless to say, Gloria began to panic and called her husband. Of course he was in on the whole thing and told her she had to comply, as they couldnít afford to get into tax trouble. He said she should call her neighbors to help her since they were involved too. Of course my friend never came back as he had done his job and very well I might add.

I let Gloria stew for a few days then finally fessed up and told the whole story. I donít recall if she ever found out that her husband Bill, was in on it or not. I donít think so though as the last I heard, he is still alive.

I hope that when I get to Heaven, Gloria wonít be standing just inside the Pearly Gates with a large Heavenly rolling pin in her hand.