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The Best Entertainment is Free

Story ID:8131
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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Callie, the newest member of our feline family, leapt five feet into the
air, crashed against the glass of the patio doors, bounced off and rattled the
vertical blinds on her way back to the floor. She sat and stared up the side of
the doors. Her long fluffy, grey tail twitched back-and-forth with excitement.
Her head swiveled from left to right, as her eyes followed her target.

I watched and wondered what she sought. A black house fly, which
obviously snuck into the house when I last came in from the balcony, flew
from behind the blinds, sailed across the living room, through the kitchen
and into our bedroom.

Callie, belly low to the ground and eyes skyward, flew across the
room in hot pursuit. She disappeared into our room. I heard the rattle of the
blinds on our window. The fly thought it could escape through the window,
but it was closed. I couldn’t see, but I knew Callie was on the sill and leaping
with her claws extended to catch the intruder.

I heard Callie return. Her little paws skittered for support on the
smooth kitchen tile. She skated across the floor, bounced off the dishwasher,
gained control, leapt onto the table and disappeared behind the kitchen blinds,
to where the fly hid.

The chase lasted for more than an hour. The fly zipped around the
house. Callie followed. The fly landed on the patio doors again. I opened
the door and set it free.

Callie, eyes black with full pupils, skittered from room-to-room
looking for her target. It was gone.

I watched her and then looked at the floor of our living room. It was
littered with toys on strings, paper bags, boxes and tiny balls with bells to
amuse her. Most we got for free, but many were purchased to amuse a growing
kitten and teach her hunting skills.

They were ignored. Callie found fun with a fly.

I don’t need expensive toys either. Why should I spend thousands of
dollars on all-terrain vehicles, giant television screens, etc. I can sit on my
balcony; watch the eagles and hawks swoop for prey. The cows in the pasture
are a never-ending source of entertainment. I can walk in the forest or go
fishing. Clouds float across the sky. I picture faces and animals in their fluffy
shapes. The changes of the seasons, a soft snow drifting to the ground or a
falling star are wondrous.

They’re beautiful.

The best things are free.

Michael T. Smith