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Do We Remember

Story ID:8136
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Ca. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Do We Remember


Oh how we do remember
The loss of Mac, Ed and Don
Two of the “Haney Five”
Still live on

Monte and John remember Ed
For his tricks and his jokes
Happy personality
He loved pleasing us folks.

Ed was from Hollywood
A terrific friend
He’s now telling his jokes to the Angels
We’ll remember you to the end.

We remember “Scoby”
Don from Montana
We hiked back into the Korean boonies
Checking the “Flora and Fauna”

We’ve seen ancient shrines
We have seen ancient tombs
We’ve hiked many places, in Korea
We’ve been in secret rooms.

Don we were only nineteen
Such a pleasure to have known you
A pleasure to have been your friend
Now in my eighties I bid you adieu.

“Mac” We’ve been together
Since Basic in Texas, Camp Fannin
Then to Seoul, Korea
And at Inchon we landed

Room mates along with “Hai Chong Lee”
Our house boy was he
Ended up in the same office
Medical supply, you and me

You came to California
Sold us a house in Anaheim
You and your family
Moved back to Ohio in time

Mac we’ve been through some rough times
Didn’t seem to matter then
We have done a lot together
Goodbye to very dear friend

Two of the Haney gang
John from Pennsy and Monte down Kansas way
Are still in touch
By e-mail today

This poem is for Ed, Don and Mac
Three friends that have moved on
Who will never be forgotten
By Monte and John
Monte L. Manka 6-27-12

Mac—Floyd C. Mac Daniel Columbus, Ohio
Edward Powers, Hollywood California
Don Hughes “Scoby” from Montana
John Brosious Pennsylvania
Monte L. Manka El Dorado, Kansas
Now everyone knows the Haney gang.