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Nell Brown's Birthday

Story ID:8179
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Nell Brown’s Birthday…
By Chuck Dishno

In 1968, I was working for Fresno County Central Service. This was mainly a printing department that supplied all the printing for the various offices in Fresno County. I had worked there since 1961 and had learned the printing business from the ground up. I started running a couple of small presses, making negatives, printing plates and paper buying and cutting. I know this wasn’t much but I was willing to learn and spent lots of time reading about printing and visiting large commercial print shops in the area.

This was a go nowhere job and I knew if I were going to better myself and make a better salary I would have to move on.

About this time the Fresno County Department of Education that was located just across the street decided to get into printing. They had a small print shop located on the 2nd floor and had recently purchased several printing presses to accommodate the growing need for all the county schools. The only problem was that they didn’t have anyone who knew how to run this equipment. I was recommended by one of the equipment salesmen to, work part time for them. I would get off at 5pm and then head across the street and work there until at least midnight. The more I worked the more printing they brought in and it wasn’t long before I was offered the job of supervising the new printing department. In the fall of 1968, I started me new job with a substantial increase in pay.

At that time, the printing department was under the secretary department and had only girls trying to learn those printing machines. I didn’t have much experience at being a boss, especially not to a few girls who knew virtually nothing about printing. We got along fine though and it wasn’t long before we were producing tons of printed material with no end insight. The more we were capable of producing, the more came through the door.

The reason I am telling you all this to let you know what I had to contend with.

One secretary, Nell Brown, was much older that the rest and just couldn’t or wouldn’t learn much about printing. Nell was a delightful lady who had a terrific sense of humor and really wanted to please but was much better being a secretary than learning printing equipment. Nell was getting close to retirement so I put up with her and we got along just fine.

One day, I was told that in a few days, Nell would be celebrating her 70th birthday and I decided to make it a special day for her and take her out to a nice lunch. My favorite restaurant was the New Rendezvous and when I told Nell about taking her there for a long lunch, she was delighted.

The next Friday we went on our date. I told everyone that not to expect us back for a couple of hours and we took off. We had a really nice lunch and I gave her a small present I had purchased. After about an hour it was time to head back to work.

The New Rendezvous was located in a small shopping center and when we came out Nell noticed a small theater a couple of doors away called the Paris Theater. She said she had never heard of that theater and wondered about it. I told her that it was a porno theater and who knew what kind of movies they showed there.

Nell let out a whoop and said she had always wanted to go see one of those porno movies. I said, “Nell, it’s your birthday, and no one expects us back for at least another hour, so I am going to make your day.”

Now I am in a quandary, here I am in a small shopping center about to enter a porno movie theater with a lady that was at least 40 years older than me. What to do…but being a man of my word, I couldn’t back out now. I was only hoping that no one I knew would see us enter that theater.

When I thought no one was looking our way we slipped through the door and I paid the admission to a sleazy looking character behind the ticket counter.

I should explain that it was very bright outside and when we passed through the curtains into the auditorium, we couldn’t see a thing. I could vaguely make out the outline of a couple of rows of seats. I put out one hand while hanging onto Nell with the other. My hand landed right on the shoulder of a man sitting on the aisle seat. I excused myself and stepped on past him with Nell right behind me giggling like a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl. After bumping into a couple of other men, we finally found two empty seats.

In a few minutes, our eyes began to get used to the darkness and that combined with the light from the screen I could make out a bunch of heads, scattered around the theatre. They seemed to be all single men, sitting by themselves with empty seats between them. Nell wasn’t noticing any of this as she was fascinated by the action going on up on the screen. She began to laugh and whoop it up like a crazy lady, seemingly oblivious to all the heads turning around to see who was making all that noise and laughing hysterically. I’m sure they wondered what kind of a date that fellow had.

I was trying to make myself as invisible as possible but Nell was having a great time. Every so often she would let out a whoop and comment on the action that was being portrayed in front of her. Making comments like, “Wow, how do they get into that position” or “I sure didn’t know they did things like that” and “well, I never!” Nell wanted to know what the title of the movie was and I said I didn’t know but I was sure it wouldn’t get any academy award nominations.

After about a half and hour we had all we could take and I suggested we should get back to work. Nell agreed and we got up with all eyes following us as we headed out into the bright sunlight.

Now I was really concerned. I was hoping no one I knew would see me coming out of that theater with Nell.

After our eyes got used to the bright light and we found my car we drove back to the office. On the way I made Nell promise not to tell anyone what we had done after lunch. Nell said she wouldn’t say a word and told me what wonderful time she had had and how “I made her day”. When we got back I let Nell off on the loading dock and went to park my car.

By the time I got back to my office, the promise had been broken. Poor Nell just couldn’t contain herself and had to tell someone of the events of the afternoon. All she had to do was tell one person and the story spread through the building like wildfire. As soon as I sat down at my desk, my phone began to ring and before long everyone in the administration building including all the consultants and superintendent of schools knew what had transpired. I need not have worried about anyone seeing me in that parking lot, the cat was out of the bag. I couldn’t blame Nell as she was having the time of her life, reliving the past 2 hours.

After a few days all was forgotten and soon after that Nell announced her retirement. I never did see her again but secretly hoped that she didn’t start a new profession as a porno movie star. You never know though as she learned a lot that afternoon.