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Movin at "85"

Story ID:8187
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Mixed up Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Movin at "85"

Moving To another Town at “85”

The year is 2012
And now rest at ease
I made it
Seems the unpacking will never cease

Moved in with no air
Unit was there
Didn’t seem fair
It needed much repair

Hotter than Hades
Contacted electrical persona
Air now working
Coolest house in Corona

Lived one month
Without a phone
No calls in or out
All alone.

No computer or TV
AT@T couldn’t produce
Tried four times
Still had no use

Of phone, computer or TV
Good news
Called Cable one trip
Now can call and view

Washer and dryer
Not hooked up
Other things more important
Dirty clothes piling up

Finally hooked up the gas
Hooked up the water too
Washer and Dryer performed great
Not much more to do

Bathrooms neatly done
No towel holders on the wall
Holders for toilet paper
None at all.

In every room
Furniture in disarray
Will arrange it
On a rainy day.

Changed all the utilities
They are working very good
Helped me keep
A positive attitude

Love my new place
Neighbors are nice
I you’re thinking of moving at 80
Better think twice.
Monte L. Manka 7-19-12