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Wags Takes A Trip...Lakeview or Bust

Story ID:8189
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Wags Takes A Trip…Lakeview Or Bust…
By Chuck Dishno

When I was in my teens, I had a dog-named Wags who was my constant companion. We went every where together but living in such a small town like Bly, Wags would often take off early in the morning to see if there were any good dog fights he could jump into. He usually found one and after getting in a few licks would return home. I should point out that Bly was really small town and the distance from the entering and leaving signs was only about a half mile. We used to joke that if Bly got any smaller they could put the signs on the same post.

One morning, after Wags had made his rounds of the fight circle he didn’t come home right away which was unusual since he was always hungry after the morning workout.

By noon I began to worry about him. Wags was a tough dog but occasionally there were some big ranch dogs who participated in these morning brawls. I began to fear that he may have met his match and was laying dead or wounded under a bush somewhere. I jumped on my bicycle and rode all over town calling for him. After a couple of hours I gave up and went home to wait for Wags to show up I was anticipating the worse but I needn’t have worried.

Early every morning the Red Ball Stage leaves Klamath Falls for the 100-mile trip to Lakeview. Bly is located about half way and is the first stop to deliver passengers, newspapers and other small items. The stage stops for about 30 minutes then proceeds on to Lakeview. I recall the stage stays in Lakeview for about and hour then heads backs to Klamath Falls with passengers. The stage usually arrives back thru Bly in mid afternoon and stops in front of Jack’s Place, one of the 5 beer joints in Bly.

My Dad was just coming out of Jack’s Place when he door of the stage bus opened and out walked Wags, looked at Pop, lifted his upper lip in a classic dog grin then headed home. The bus driver said to Pop, “I am bringing your dog back.” He said, he and gotten to Quartz Mountain, about 15 miles along the way when he noticed a dog, scratching at the door wanting to get let out. He said he stopped and led him to one of the back seats, told him to stay there then proceeded on to Lakeview. At Lakeview he let off his load of passengers, making sure Wags stayed on his seat. He said he got him a bowl of water and left him there until he headed back to Klamath Falls with the usual stop in Bly.

He said he recognized him as a Bly dog and as soon as he stopped, Wags got up and walked out to greet Pop. When Pop asked the driver if he owed anything for the stow-away, he just laughed and said this one was on him but if it ever happened again he may consider selling him a ticket.

When Pop got home, Wags was sitting on the front porch with me and grinning at Pop again. He had had his adventure and was proud of it.

Wags has long since gone to Doggie Heaven and when he got those Pearly Gates, I’m sure Saint Peter, or maybe in Dog Heaven it is Saint Bernard, gave him a bowl of cool water and told him that dog fights were not allowed and he must behave himself. Just wait on a puffy cloud and wait for his loved ones to catch up with him. No marking his territory either as “all dogs are created equal.” as written by Thomas Jefferson Dog.