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Happy's Korner August 2012

Story ID:8213
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Happy's Korner August 2012

I am happy to wake up this morning with a 78 year old person in my bed. When my head had cleared I realized it was me and it was my birthday.

I am happy that most of my body parts are working. Not as well as before but no complaints. I have to realize that they are 78 too.

I am happy to hear from my kids on this day.

I am happy that Roz will be fixing some delicious Chinese dinner tonight. Even if it is not Chinese, at least the cook is Chinese.

I am happy to look out my den window and see the birds wiping out the bird feeder twice a day.

I am happy that I can ride my scooter to coffee each morning any tell lies with my friends.

I am happy that the weather is fantastic and only reached 88 degrees once this summer.

I am happy that my cat, Eddy, thinks Roz and I are the greatest people on the world.

I am happy that a 10yr old girl I know who has spina bifida and is coping with this devastating disease and has such a happy outlook on life.

I am happy that she told her mother that she wanted to name her next dog, Chuck. What an honor.

I am happy to be a Republican.

I am happy that I live in beautiful Dillon, Montana where they say, "Women are women and sheep are nervous."

I am happy to be back in a writing moood, so look for a lot of posts from me.

I am happy to receive comments on my posts.

I am happy to have so many friends on OurEcho.

I am happy to have Ronnie Jones as my friend and look forward to his phone calls. What a kick that guy is.

I am happy to know that God loves me.

And I am happy just to be happy and look for the good things in life,as my mother taught me to do.