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What's in a name

Story ID:8217
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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What’s in a Name?

Becker, Brandt, and Buchanan
Carter, Cervantes and Chapman
Coggshell, Condell
Cook and Corfman

Davis, Doornbos, Haver and Holderman
Kropf and Lempke
Manka, Milbourn and Parson
Putnam, Ray and Stansberry

All these names
Are names of Chelsea ranchers and farmers
A community that is no more
Chelsea’s under thirty feet of water.

No more Santa Fe train depot
No more grain elevator
No more Chelsea church or School
The needed lake was the “Terminator”.

My grade school is just a memory
My church a memory too
The Manka farm where I was born is gone
Makes me sad and blue.

My favorite fishing hole
The old swimming hole, both are gone
So is the sycamore tree I climbed
The bales of hay I played on.

The henhouse where
I gathered the eggs
Where I evaded the itch weed
To keep from touching my bare legs

The barn where I milked those cows
Whether 100 above
Or twenty below
Feeding milk to those barn cats I loved

The field I shucked corn
The field I dug potatoes
The river that I hauled water from
To the garden for the tomatoes

80 some years ago
I remember as if yesterday
When I worked and played
In the fields of new mown hay.

Special memories
That I recall today
I hope I never forget them
If my mind fades away.

If I spelled some Farmer or Ranchers name wrong I apologize