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Chelsea Threshing Crew

Story ID:8218
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Chelsea Threshing Crew

When the grain is in bundles
Shocked, row on row
Dad moved in his threshing machine
With grain wagons in tow

After the machine is leveled
Drive belt is made tight
I handled the tractor throttle
Set the revolutions just right

John Kerley from El Dorado
Felix the Indian from Oklahoma, Pete Unruh
Curly Amen from Liberal, Kansas
Wayne Dale, and me made up our threshing crew

Hay racks from the neighbors
Bundle men with their pitchforks
Everyone was ready
For the days work.

One man that stood out
In our threshing crew
Was a man from Cassoday
Known as Pete Unruh.

During the noon meal
He bragged on the fine food
The men paid no attention
The cooks thought it good.

Pete bragged on the gravy
Bragged on the potatoes too
Bragged on everything he ate
This was Pete Unruh

Pete was slender
Boy could he put away the food
By his praising the cooks
Pete was shrewd
Put the cooks in a giving mood

Pete was the last to leave the table
Last one on the truck
Pete was a good worker
Hard work he did not duck

He would sweet talk the cook
For extra portions he did try
It usually happened that
He got an extra piece of pie

Pete was liked by all
Hard worker this is true
Glad to have him aboard
Our motley threshing crew

Monte L. Manka 8-6-12