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Mom and the Battery Charger...

Story ID:8244
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Mom and the Battery Charger…
By Chuck Dishno

When my Dad died in 1959, Mom and Pop were living in a small house they had bought a few years earlier. The house was in the mountains near Kings Canyon National Park.

I had recently moved to Fresno, about 60 miles away after I got out of the Army. I had a job, a wife and daughter so it was hard for any of us to see Mom except on the weekends..

Mom thought she could take care of herself but realized that she had to rely on others to get her groceries, etc. Mom had never driven a car and wasn’t about to learn at her age, especially in the mountains.

My brother, Bud and his wife spent the summer with her but soon had to leave to go back to Oregon where he was a teacher. This left Mom to fend for herself, most of the time. This was a hardship on all of us.

Mom said she would like to rent out the house and move to Fresno where she could be near us and baby sit when we needed. She didn’t want to live with my wife and I as she didn’t get along too well with her. I really think they could have worked it out but it was the typical mother and daughter-in-law situation.

I looked around and found a nice apartment that was within Mom’s price range and made the arrangements for her to move in. This was a small apartment complex of about 6 unfurnished apartments but since Mom had her own furniture it worked out just fine. Or so we thought.

Mom had been in there about a month or two and was really enjoying it. She was near a small grocery store where she could get most anything she needed and of course I would come by every day and check on her. She had a phone installed so she could call me whenever she wanted anything.

One night, about midnight, my phone rang and when I answered it, Mom was on the other end saying, “Charles, I think I just got an obscene phone call.” She was laughing but I could tell she was bothered. When I asked her to explain, she said she had been sound asleep then her phone rang and she answered it. She said it was a man who said, “Lura, this is Jim, your landlord.” Mom asked him what he wanted and he said, “Do you want your battery charged?” I then asked Mom what she told him and she said, “No I don’t think so, I don’t even have a car.” Mom was laughing by then but thought she should call me and let me know. I told her to make sure her doors were locked and I would be right over and pick her up.

When I got there, Mom was waiting for me with her overnight bag packed. I led her out to the car and back home with me. The next day, I moved her out of the apartment and she lived with us for about a month until I could find her another apartment. Mom loved the new place and lived there for over 20 years until moving in with my new wife, Roz. Roz, Mom and I eventually moved to Montana. Mom lived with us here for 3 years before passing away in 1992 at 95.

Mom and I had many laughs over the 8 years she lived with Roz and I and one of the funniest one was the time she told that lecherous old man not to bother charging her battery since she didn’t have a car. What a turn-off!

Mom has been gone for over 20 years now and has surely caught up with my dear old Pop. I hope she told him all about the battery charging incident. I know, Pop, would be laughing his head off.

I’m sure that Pop is always looking over his shoulder for a guy peeking over a cloud with a battery charger in his hand.