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My New Cell phone

Story ID:8245
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Confused Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My New Cell phone

My New Cell Phone

My old Tracphone
Died last night
No more Logo
No more light

Called Tracphone
For new battery price
Talked to a lady from Bangladesh
She was super nice.

Told me in a few words
New phone cheaper than the battery
I ordered a new cell phone
Took four days for delivery

I wanted the unused minutes
From my phone of old
She needed a bunch of numbers
I was told

After searching furtively
For the IMEI and SIM
We began the process
Of getting the old numbers in

After several starts
Entering numbers by the score
Was told my old minutes would be
In new phone by eight hours no more

Suffering a sleepless night
I arose in the early morn
Alas no minutes were registered
In my new phone

I called the 800 number
Went through the numbers once again
Got a warm person
From India, what a pain

She was very patient with me
After working at a slow pace
Finally I received my minutes
Showed up on my new phone face

Thanked the lady from India
For being patient with me
Hung up the house phone
Proceeded to see

If I could call out
No way
Called a dozen numbers
Of my friends today

Couldnít make the connection
I hearkened to what my grandson told
Need to read the directions, Grand Pa
When he was seven years old

Following Chadís advice

The directions I scanned
There in the corner of the screen
I found a small icon
What did it mean?

I pushed the icon
Tracphone Logo appeared as clear as a bell
Tried to make another call
The phone worked so well

For a week I have been
Without my cell
Never thought Iíd miss this thing
But I have to tell

You I was lost
No way to call home
While at the donut shop
Shirley home alone

With the directions
Iím feeling good
Now I can take pictures
Of the surrounding ďhoodĒ

My heart rate is slowing
Blood pressure back to norm
These last two days
Caused me much alarm

Trying to make a list
Of friends that I call
Into the inner workings of my cell
Iíll wait for my grandson to install.

Kept me in a dither
Made my life a mess
I love my new cell
I must confess.

Monte L. Manka 8-17-2012