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Number 901

Story ID:8261
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Puzzled Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Number 901

Number 901

Number 901

I don’t believe in Numerology
A predictor I am not
Don’t pay much attention to prophets
But one number gives me thought
Even Yet

Went into the Army back in “45”
I never thought my Dad would write
Received a letter every two weeks
I thought this “Outa Site”

Wayne Manka
Would write his son
Pvt. Monte L. Manka
APO “901”

I didn’t think my Dad would write
Busy farming, doncha know
Now I could expect a letter from Dad
Every week or so.

I got the latest Chelsea news
Kept me abreast of our “kin”
Told me all about the farm
And the wheat stored in the bin.

My son Scott, joined the Navy
I wrote as often as I could
As I look back
Not as often as I should

I wrote to him stationed in Hawaii
Panama Canal one day
Deep inside Germany
Even down Florida way

He was taken from us
Cancer was to blame
Laid to rest in Riverside National cemetery
There on his grave marker beside his name
No. “901”

Scott L. Manka
Grave No. “901”
I saw this number
On the marker of my son

Wayne Manka’s son
APO No. 901
Monte Manka’s son
Grave No. 901

When I saw this number
It ricocheted off my brain
901 once made me happy
901 now bring’s me pain

To me this phenomenon seems mystical
Is the number only by chance
Leaves me wondering
Is this just a happenstance?
Monte L. Manka 0826-12