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Story ID:8280
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Period Piece
Location:Every city Every state USA
Person:The USA
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By Fred Wickert

In a couple of months I will turn 79 years of age. During those years I have seen many changes in our nation. Some of them were good and some were bad. It is the bad ones I am discussing here.

When a young man, if a man used foul language to, or even in the presence of a female, he was in big trouble instantly. If he did it in front of someone's wife or mother he was in danger of being beaten severely by the husband or son of the woman he offended.

If someone stole something and was discovered, he or she was instantly looked down upon and scorned by their peers. If an unwed female became pregnant, she was a social outcast.

Profanity and foul language was never permitted on radio, television or in movies. Nudity was forbidden as well.

In school and in public meetings and gatherings the Pledge of Allegiance was given. More often than not, there was a moment of prayer – usually silent prayer out of respect for the different religions practiced by those present.

Now, all that has changed. Now, small larcenies are treated with a so what of it attitude. Profanity and foul language is commonplace. God and Christ have been banned from our schools and public places. Filth on radio, TV and in the movie theaters is acceptable and commonplace. Even the President of the United States can have oral sex with an intern in the oval office, and commit perjury in a court of law and get away with it.

We allow the murder of millions of innocent unborn and partially born children and call it a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body, but that child is not her body. It is a live human being. We tell school children they really should not have sex, but in case they want to anyway, have a free condom. If they get pregnant, no problem. Go to the school nurse who will send you to planned parenthood for a free abortion, without knowledge or consent of the parents, and at tax payers expense. In some cases, even provide transportation in a school vehicle.

Now we allow the President of the United States to violate the Constitution repeatedly, and do absolutely nothing because someone will call you a racist if you object. We have pursued a thing called Political Correctness to great extremes. The language of this nation is and always has been English, but now great expense is incurred for private business and government alike because they have to print everything in a half dozen languages. When you call a business or a government agency you have to press one for English.

We have schools in California taking down the American flag and flying the Mexican flag and if a student comes to school wearing a “T” shirt or sweat shirt with the American flag on it, they are sent home to change. Classes are taught in Spanish because of a large number of Mexican students.

Christian or Jewish symbols may not appear on public property, but foot baths are provided for Muslim patrons in some of our air terminals and train stations. The Ten Commandments may not be displayed in our court houses and memorials for our troops with a cross on government property cannot be allowed to remain, but it is perfectly alright for Muslims to block off and shut down several streets in New York City three or four times a day for prayer.

Children are suspended from schools because they draw a picture of a gun, or point their finger and say, “Bang bang.” Recently a school asked a child to change his name because he used sign language and the sign for his name, in the opinion of one of the administration, resembled a gun.

Last night on the television coverage of the Democratic National Convention it came to light that this year the Democrats changed their platform to omit the words God, and a statement proclaiming Jerusalem as the Capital of the nation of Israel. President Obama who had read and approved it, learned it produced far more controversy than expected. Angrily he ordered it changed and the words put back in the official platform. According to the rules and regulations changes may be adopted with a two thirds majority vote in favor. The presiding chair person called for the vote. The result was not two thirds as required but it was not in favor of the change. The acting chairman was shocked.

Acting as though the convention goers had misunderstood the purpose of the vote, he explained it again and asked for the vote again. Again they turned it down and again by less than two thirds. He tried again for the third time. Again, they voted it down, but this time amongst loud boos from an unhappy crowd, he declared that in his opinion two thirds of the vote had been in favor and that the changes were adopted. Never mind the wishes of the people. The chairman had his orders and it was already pre – loaded in the teleprompter. He just read it as it appeared on the teleprompter. A fine example of voter fraud for the whole world to see on television.

None of the above listed items should have ever happened. When I graduated from high school none of them would have happened. There are many more that could have been listed in addition to these. There has been a slow trend ever since the end of World War II, for this nation to slide towards this sickness. Our nation is truly sick. The sickness has in the last few years become rapidly worse. We need a doctor or perhaps even a hospital for our beloved country. Where do we find one?

Surely, I am no doctor of nations but I think I can offer some suggestions. First, put God, Christ and prayer back in the schools. Stop abortion on demand. Never allow any school or other authority to permit or take part in any medical procedure of a child without the knowledge and written consent of the parents. Officially establish English as the official language of the United States and print everything in English only. Prohibit any flag other than the American flag from being flown on any school or other pubic building.

Prohibit nudity or profanity from radio, TV or motion pictures. Prohibit corporations or labor unions from making political contributions. Prohibit organizations such as; the AARP or any other with membership of more than one party from making political donations. Impose term limits as follows: President, Senator, Congressman or state governor - one six year term. No retirement pensions for elected officials. No health insurance for officials or their families, once out of office, at taxpayers expense. Limit political campaigns for national office to 120 days and prohibit anyone currently holding an office from running for another office.

Prohibit acceptance of any campaign funds from another country, or even from another geographical domain than the office being run for. Only people represented by the office should be permitted to participate in donations. No donations greater than $500 should be permitted from anyone for any office.

A new and permanent policy should be adapted to help the country and to instill a greater sense of national pride and patriotism. Every male resident of the United States, whether citizen or immigrant should be required to serve the country for a minimum of two years. They should go in the military service and be trained. This should be done between the ages of 18 to 26. If they are an immigrant non-citizen, are handicapped in some way, religious objectors, etc., they should be allowed to serve in some other capacity, but all must serve. Those who do not serve in the military can be used to assist with work in hospitals, nursing homes, national forests or parks, fighting forest fires and so on. In this way, every man serves the country, the nation will be far better prepared if war comes because they will have men already trained to fight. There will be more jobs available because so many are serving their country instead of being in the work force.

Social Security funds should be kept separate from all other government funds and should be invested to grow. Loans at interest can be made to municipalities, etc. The government under President Lyndon Johnson, took Social Security funds allegedly giving the fund an IOU for the money they used. That money should be repaid along with repayment of any other loans and interest at the same rate given other nations should be paid to Social Security retroactive to when the money was borrowed for the general fund.

All laws and policies currently in effect, including all executive orders of the president that are in violation of the Constitution should be rescinded and the Constitution should be adhered to from now on.

The Federal Reserve should be abolished and the United States of America should return to the gold standard.

This is only a list of a few suggestions of medicine to restore the health of this nation. I believe others may have more and better ideas than I, but we need help and we need it soon. Without it, this great nation will die. It will depend on we the people putting an end to our complacency.

I have stated what I sincerely and honestly believe. Some of you in your comments have a tendency to try to suck me in to an argument. Please don't bother because I won't bite. I have said what I think and no comment will get me to change it. I have no more to say on the subject. If you want to comment, state your position and go on. I will not argue it with you.

Please visit my website at www.fredsstoryroom.com