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The Chelsea Church Parsonage

Story ID:8287
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Reminisin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Chelsea Church Parsonage

The Chelsea Church Parsonage

The Chelsea Church Parsonage

North of Chelsea School House
100 yards or more
Stood the Chelsea church
I have written about before.

Behind the church
Beside a gravel lane
Was the Parsonage
For the preacher unless he was traveling

Beside the parsonage
There was a small barn
Where the preacher kept his horse
And his hay and his corn

Later the Ray family
Lived there once
Along with their three kids
Julia, Jesse and Lawrence

Rode my pony to the Parsonage
I saw the Ray family each carrying a hoe
Walking home to supper
After a day of hoeing corn, doncha know

Later when in the eighth grade
In Chelsea school, dist No. ten
Miss Sager, my teacher and her mother
Moved in the parsonage then

The Parsonage was run down
The original congregation had moved away
With cars it became easier to go to town
To church on Sunday

Beside the Parsonage was a big tree
Lawrence Ray and I each had a penny
We put our two pennies inside a matchbox
We buried them beside that tree

When the Ray family moved on
I looked for our stash
Found the matchbox
Inside was no cash

One morning during the service
I took change from the collection plate
I found an Indian Head Penny
With an 1890 date.

I showed it to Howard Turner
As we walked the gravel road to home
He dropped in the gravel road
Couldn’t find it and it was gone.

The once large congregation
Had dwindled to just a few
The doors were closed
No more Altar, Lectern, no more Pews

Mom would wash our neck and ears
Comb our hair just right
Make us clean our shoes
Wore our knickers (what a sight)

Mattie Holderman would play the piano
My how we would sing
Sam Putnam led the congregation
We made those rafters ring.

Beautiful Sunday Mornings
Spring, summer, winter or fall
We were there to get our Godly lessons
Fellowship enjoyed by all.

Monte L. Manka 9-11-12