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Growing Old Reluctantly

Story ID:8292
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Aging Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Growing Old Reluctantly

Each morning as I awake
Iíve aged another day
Just glad I made it through the nite
As the drowsiness fades away,

Another day
Another 24
Many things run through my mind
As my feet hit the floor.

Things to do
Bills to pay
Pills to take
To keep the doctor at bay.

Cereal at breakfast
No sugar
No butter.

What a way to live
Careful of what you eat
None of this, none of that
Like a ham sandwich with no meat.

Then of course as the day goes on
The Postman delivers the mail
People wanting donations
And it never fails

I am deluged with ads.
From rest homes and funeral parlors, so
Kinda makes you wonder
Is there something I donít know?

Lunch comes at 12 noon
Weíll go out to eat
Stop at a restaurant
Hobble in and take a seat

Look at the six page menu
What an array of fine food
After looking longingly at the menu
We canít eat anything thatís good.

I looked at getting older
As a relished reward
A time to take it easy
Never to be bored

As I look back from 85
Of course Iím happy to be alive
If I was back to 65
Could I survive?

To live it over
There would be things I missed
So Iím glad to be here
And I insist

That you think twice
And youíll agree
Youíre looking forward
To aging reluctantly.

Monte L. Manka 9-14-2012