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Cracking Gorskys – Bly Style…

Story ID:8304
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Cracking Gorskys – Bly Style…
By Chuck Dishno

There was not a lot for people to do in the 1930’s and 40’s in Bly, Oregon. We did have a two-lane bowling alley, a movie that was put on once a week on portable projectors and of course lots of fishing and hunting. There were also at least 5 beer joints for the adults, one with two pool tables.

The older boys were never at a loss for something new though. One of those things was to invent new games.

In Klamath Falls, the nearest town, there were a couple of wrestlers called the Gorsky brothers. They were huge and as indicated by their last name, were of the Slavic nationally. They were really tough and put on many displays at the Memorial Auditorium pitting their skill to all takers. They seemed unbeatable and reigned for many years. The Bly boys were always talking about them and attended many of the matches they put on.

This started a game among the boys. Almost all the high school boys started carrying around a couple of English walnuts in their pockets representing the Gorsky brothers. When they would meet another boy they would say, “My Gorsky is tougher than yours.” They would then select their toughest Gorsky and put the other boy’s Gorsky in the palm of their hand and try to crush it with theirs. One would always win and the winner was marked and goes on to take on another. Some Gorsky’s went on to be real champions, surviving many crushing encounters. I don’t remember how my brother, Shad, faired but he must have done quite well as I remember him telling, Mom, “What ever you do, don’t touch my Gorskys.” This went on for a couple of years before dying a natural death, but there should have been a “Gorsky, Hall of Fame” where one tough nut was displayed for all to see and admire.

I have often wondered if somewhere in Heaven, these boys meet on occasion proclaiming, “My Gorsky is tougher than yours.” The real Gorsky brothers may even be there to judge them. I hope so.