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A Team of Friends

Story ID:8329
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
Person:Work Friends
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A Team of Friends

A Team of Friends

A Team of Friends

A Team of Friends

I started my latest job in the spring of 2011. It was at a huge Hewlett Packard
facility in Boise, Idaho. The complex included eight buildings, ponds, walking trails and
thousands of employees.

Inside that facility was my new job.

I was intimidated.

My job started rocky. I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

I wasn’t alone. Many of my co-workers felt the same. “What exactly was our

We came together and made it happen. We got the job done.

Three people connected with me: Maryann, Paul and Kevin.

Maryann’s sense of humor kept us laughing.
Kevin? He was a long lost brother. We shared the same love of blues and jokes.

The third was Paul, who loved a good joke and laughed often. During slow
times, we bantered for entertainment. There was a connection between us that we
couldn’t deny. There was constant joking. On Halloween, Paul and I arrived at work
wearing kilts.

Maryann joked about Kevin’s height constantly, and she was shorter. I could
dance in a pirouette, with my arms straight out, from my sides and not touch a hair on
her head. (That’s a vision you didn’t need.)

Kevin moved on to a new job, but we stayed in touch.

“Gin,” I looked at my loving wife, “I wish I could get the four of us together,
outside the office, with our spouses. It would be so much fun.”

“We could book the clubhouse.” she suggested.

“I never thought of that.” Our apartment complex has a clubhouse we can
book at anytime. It would be perfect.

I emailed Maryann, Paul and Kevin. “Let’s get together. I can book the clubhouse
at our apartment complex. How about September 24, 2012. Are you three interested?”
We planned a potluck and wine tasting.
Ginny and I arrived first to set up. Kevin and his wife Vickie arrived next, then
Maryann and her husband Larry. Paul and Paula arrived fashionably late.

It was an interesting combination of accents. I babbled with my Nova Scotian
accent. Ginny made the group smile with her southern drawl and Paula mellowed us with
her wonderful British accent.

The rest? They talked and laughed. Our spouses became friends too. It’s a
group I look forward to spending time with again.

It was a magical afternoon and evening with good friends. At home that evening,
I looked at Ginny, “Now that was fun. I’m on a high.”

“It was.” Ginny agreed. “What a nice group of people. My jaw hurts from
laughing so much.”

I look back over my work career: jobs come and go, but the friends I make are

I started writing this story a few weeks ago. Before it was complete, we learned
Maryann was offered a new job. She’ll be moving on. Paul and I will miss her, but are
happy she found a full-time position. Her new company gained a wonderful project
manager. I am proud to call her a friend.

Once there were four; then were three; now they’ll be two. We won’t be a work
team anymore, but we will always be a team of friends.

Michael T. Smith

From top to bottom:
Kevin and Vickie
Maryann and Larry
Paul and Paula
Me and Ginny