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My Lifelong Friend

Story ID:8330
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA. USA
Person:Dog lover Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My Lifelong Friend

My Lifelong Friend

While driving home from work
I spotted something up ahead
Turned out to be a little dog
He was skinny, and almost dead

I picked up his frail body
Carefully placed him in my truck
He licked my hand
This puppy had finally had some good luck

I made a bed for him
When I got home
Gave him food and water
Then I left him alone

He fell fast asleep
I swear I could see him smile
Like all good dogs
He’d pulled the bedclothes up in a pile

The next morning I gave him a bath
Careful to miss those open sores
Brushed his matted coat
While he stood on all fours

I checked the paper daily
Especially the “Lost and found”
No one placed an ad
I decided to keep this scrawny little hound

Being by my self
Was lonely as could be
So this skinny little puppy
Is now my life companion-doncha see

Ten years have passed
Now it’s Blackie and me
We have played, hunted together
Always together, Blackie and me

We’re waiting together
Outside the office door
The results of those tests
Is what we’re looking for

Those tests could be
Negative you see
So we’ll wait together
Blackie and me

Blackie waits by my side
In his doggie way
Giving me moral support
On this blue Monday

The office door is opening
Frozen in place
Fearing the worst
What we’re about to face

The doctor comes out with a grin
The world stopped as he said to me
Those tests proved one thing
Blackie is healthy as can be

With those words
I jumped with joy
Come on Blackie
Come on boy

We’re going home
It’s a long ride
Blackie jumped into the truck
Tight up against my side

Monte L. Manka 10-05-12