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The Locked door

Story ID:8365
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Scared Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Locked Door

Once upon a farm in Chelsea Kansas
Seems a millennium ago
Twelve miles from a town
Named El Dorado

This farmhouse had no phone
No electricity or TV
We survived
Without these utilities

Wed visit the neighbor, down the lane
To escape the monotony
Other kids to play with,
For my brother and me.

Tag and Hide and seek
Were the games of the day
These old farmhouses
Had many rooms in which to hide away

In this one old farmhouse
Upon the second floor
There was a padlock
High upon the door.

Later when Leslie and I were in bed
Before we went to sleep
We made up locked door stories
That even gave us the creeps

Was it a witch?
Maybe someone insane
An old man or old woman
Or maybe their remains

Some evil person
That liked to kill
Some old lady
With long fingernails

That would scratch out your eyes
We listened for grunts
Listened for heavy breathing
For someone speaking in tongues

Maybe a two headed monster
Someone with four eyes
Maybe a big snake
That ate kids our size.

These seem out of place
Now that I have grown
That door was locked to keep the kids out
Had nothing to do with the unknown.

Monte L Manka 10-21-12