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The Move is over

Story ID:8370
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Unmovable Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Move is over

The Move is over

The Move is over

The Move is over
As I relax in my easy chair
I stare at the walls
That are bleak and bare

Void of pictures
That are packed away
Ready to be hung

I think I’ll hang that
20 by 40 landscape scene
Above the mantel
Centered with the fireplace screen

Then on down the hall
A few stills
Of my cousins
Joe, Len, Hank and Will

Maybe a collage
Of different stages of our life
Wedding pictures, etc.
Of me and the wife.

Just to the left
Is bedroom number one
Baby pictures of
Our daughter and son.

On down the hall
Just a few feet
Is one of my favorites
This picture is so neat

A portrait of Aunt Min
Uncles Sam and Clyde, a side by side design
Pictures of our mothers
Hers and mine.

Bathroom No. one
A yellow Canary or two
Pictures of Blue birds and Love birds
Stand out against the walls of blue.

A few feet to the right
Bathroom number two
Pictures of a couple Panda’s
Chewing on bamboo

Number three
Next to No. 2 bathroom
A couple large foreign city scenes
Decorate the walls of our spare bedroom

Number four
No pictures on my wall
It’s my computer room
No pictures at all

If I want a change of scene
I open the venetian blind
There is my patio and big back yard
Fruit trees and green grass behind

My computer room on Aquamarine Lane
I’m happy as a lark
No pictures needed here
Like looking at a park.

Monte L. Manka 10-23-12