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Uncle Fossill's War Story

Story ID:8391
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Along time ago,when I was a Small Child,I was sent to spend the summer with my Uncle Fossill,Uncle Fossill lives up in Tennessee in a small Log Cabin nestled at the foot of the Great Smokie Mountains.While rummaging around in his attic one day I found an old movie poster of John Wayne which featured Mr.Wayne in a leather pilots cap at the controlls of an old ww 2 fighter plane.
That night while setting around the fire place with Uncle Fossill and Aunt Flossie Mae I happened to ask my Uncle if He had ever served in the Military,Uncle Fossill looked at me for a moment and then said "Boy" Uncle Fossill has always called me "Boy" and has never till this day called me by my given name."Boy when I was yo're age I snucked off an jined up with ole Teddy Roosevelt to go an fite them thar enemies we wuz put on a hill side and given a rifle and tolt to shoot in thet thar direction! wal I shot and shot fer bout 30 hours,I fired thet rifle so fast thet that thar barrell got so hot it liked to have melted,an hit sorta curled around in a half circle so thet I waz a shooting them enemies thet waz a hid behind them rocks so thet no body could a seed them,thet ole general tolt me thet I wuz tha best shot he had ever seed an tolt me thet I wuz gonna go on a secret mission behint them enemies lines in search of some gold thet had been tooken frum him by them enemy sojers! So he put some twigs in muh hat and put some soot on muh face and off I went to rescue thet that gold! Here Uncle Fossill paused for a long time and his face took on a far away look as he stared blankly into the fire,He was quiet so long that I thought he had fallen asleep,so I softly called his name,"Uncle Fossill",I asked,did you do it? Did you finf all that gold like the General asked you to do?Uncle Fossill looked up at me like he was coming out of a dream and spoke quietly so that only I could hear him."Boy" He said,"I dont rightly know if'n I did or not,cause I aint been seen nor heard of no more since thet day!"
It took me a lot of years of growing up to fully appreciate the joke of My Uncle Fossill's in telling me that tale.
Bob Mitchum