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We Need to Clean Them Up

Story ID:8409
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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We Need to Clean Them Up

We Need to Clean Them Up

A year ago, Ginny and I sat on our balcony and heard a cry for help. It came from
the brush behind our apartment. I thought it was a bird, but it was dark. “Gin, what kind
of bird sings at night?”

“I don’t know. My hearing is not as good as yours. Are you sure it’s a bird?”

“I think it is.”

The cry faded in the night.

The next morning, I stood on the balcony in the dark. I heard the cry from the
brush again. “It’s a kitten.” I said to myself.

The next day, Ginny and I heard it again. I looked at Ginny and asked, “Do you
want me to get it?”

She nodded.

I climbed through a hole in the fence and grabbed up a kitten abandoned by her
mother. The runt of the litter, left behind in the cold November weather, became ours.

Ginny named her Callie. She’s given us a great many laughs and headaches.

Like any kitten, she plays hard. The Christmas tree that year took a beating.
Callie couldn’t ignore the ornaments or a chance to climb. We dread this year’s
tree being destroyed by a grown cat.

Callie has been a source of laughter too. She runs through the apartment chasing
flies, toys and imaginary game. Ginny and I sit back and watch her antics.

I like to watch wildlife. I learn from it. Animals have behavioral traits I learn

One day, as I sat writing, I heard scratching sounds. I looked to my left. Callie
straddled a fur ball our older cat, Priss Priss, coughed up. I didn’t notice it, but Callie
did. Callie pawed at the carpet to try and cover the mess. She stared at me with a look
of concern, “Daddy, I’m trying to cover it up, but it’s not working.”

Callie learned, you can try, but you can’t always clean up another’s mess. If
someone causes a problem, they are the ones who need to clean it up.

The problems we create, are problems we are responsible for. We need to clean
them up.

Michael T. Smith