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I've fallen and can't get up

Story ID:8424
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Clumsy Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Iíve fallen and canít get up

Nov 10th. we went to RCC
(Riverside City College)
To see competing high school bands
The weather was nippy
While sitting in the stands

I enjoyed the array of high school bands
Later, after my grandson performed
I went to the car
To get warm

Soon after Shirley and Lori came to the car
I was basking in the warmth inside the van
Lori and I started to load the wheelchair
Into the tailgate of the vanóBAM

I fell back onto the concrete
My head hit with a crack
I heard a voice in my ear
Let me help you up off your back

Completely in adazement (my word)
I accepted his aid
Nothing seemed to be broken
My skinned hand needed a band aid.

We went to Kaiser Hospital Urgent care
To get a tetanus shot
Because of the dirt and sand
Left in the skinned spot.

By the time I got home
I started to ache
Back, Arm, Rear end
So a pain pill I did take

I felt all sweaty and woozy
So knowing about my heart
I took a Nitro tablet
To get ahead of trouble about to start

I felt noxious so
I arose from there
The next thing I remember
Was falling across the chair

My forehead just below my eye
Hit the corner of a wooden chest
Landed on the floor
To get up I did my best

Got my cell phone
Dialed 911
Told her I couldnít get up
Said sheíd call someone

I was able to crawl to the door
To unlock it
My head hurt
I had a sore eye socket

Took me to RCC hospital
Ran a scan on my brain
X-rayed my body
Found no drain.

Sent me back by ambulance
To Kaiser Permanente
Finished up the tests
On me doncha see

Back home a little groggy
Aches and Pains galore
Watching carefully where Iím walking
This Nov. 10, Iíll remember ever more.

Monte L. Manka 11-12-12