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Uncle Fossill and the Fairy People

Story ID:8438
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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My Uncle Fossill called me and invited Me up to his little log cabin in Podunk TownShip,a rather small community in Podunk County Tennessee for the week end,His call could not have came at a better time.I write for a living and was almost through woith my latest novel,however for the last two weeks I had been suffering from a severe case of writers block.My Wife seemed cranky and hard to get along with,my Editor was being a pompous ass and I was tired.So when Uncle Fossills call came in I jumped at the chance to get away for a while,besides a few days without me moping about the house would maybe improve my wife's disposition as well.
So I packed my bag and off to Uncle Fossills I went.
When I knocked on Uncle Fossills door 3 hours after his call,Uncle Fossill looked a bit surprized and said "Boy" (Uncle Fossill has always called me Boy,never by my given name)"Whut took ye so long a gettin up here?"
Uncle Fossill,I replied,your call was Heaven sent,I really needed to get away for a bit.
That night as we sat around the fireplace in the small cabin sipping on a bit of Uncle Fossills "special brew" and watching the fire dance in the fireplace while the hoot owls outside asked their eternal question to no one in particular,I quietly asked Uncle Fossill if he believed in bad luck,good luck or no luck and explained my situation to him.Uncle Fossill sat silently for a minute before answering my question,when hi did finally speak,it seemed to make no sense to me at all,at least not then.
Boy,he said,yew jest prolly made sum of them thar lettle folk mad at yew or sumpthin.Uncle Fossill,I said,I dont even know any midgets personally.
No No! said uncle fossill,I ment Leprechauns,Elves or Fairies,not them human little people!Uncle Fossill,I replied incredulously,Do you mean to sit there and have me believe that you think Elves and Fairies really exist?!
wal Boy,said Uncle Fossill,Lemme tell yew this,bout 6 year ago,I took them dadblamed mules of mine down to the lower 40 to plow up that ground to plant sum corn fer to make muh special brew,well I seen this here little ring of toad stools agrowing there but I plowed hit under anyway,well tha next morning them 2 mules of mine came down with tha glans,the muh chickens quit laying,ole Flop rund off and muh cow went dry,but tha worse thang was thet that thar corn never did nothing,hit came up all small and withered,wal i wus at muh wits end,I couldent make muh brew without thet corn,Me and Flossie Mae was a gonna starve without them eggs and milk and I couldent hunt non without muh ole dog Flop,so I went up yonder on thet mountain with muh last jug of special brew and I sits and I sips and I sips and I sets a meditatin on all them thangs that wuz a happening to muh little place here,when all of a sudden I heard the most pitiful sound I had ever heard in muh life,and I looked down at muh boots and right thar I saw 2 little people with them dragon fly wings on they back and they wuz a sittin on a toad stool and crying and a moaning somthing pitiful,so I said hay thar little fellers,whacha cryin and a taking on so fer? well noe of them fairy people looked up at me and said in her tiney little squeeky voice "Kind sirrah,some evil man hath plowed up our secret door to the Fairy Kingdom and now we canst nay get back to Fairy Land for 7 years and lo the evil person who plowed it up must face 7 years of Bad Luck unless He givith us a warm abode sp that we may survive yon approachin winter!"
As I knew who this here evile person was,I offered them little Fellers a home richeer in muh own gray beard!Well when I gits back to muh cabin,them 2 mules wus as healthy as ever,them chickens had turnt into aig laying mochines and old Flop was a laying on tha front porch a waggin his tail,and thet corn patch was a growing so good I could almost hear it.
Uncle Fossill,I said,are you suggesting that I allow a family of....uh...Fairies move into my house!?
Naw Boy,all yew gotta do is appologize to them fellers for offending them an all yo're troubles will be over,said Uncle Fossill.
OK OK I said,only half joking,and in a loud voice I said " I'M SORRY FAIRY PEOPLE FOR NOT BELIEVIBG IN YOU AND I DID NOT MEAN TO OFFEND YOU!
Then I laughed at my own foolishness and at my Uncle Fossills tale of bad luck and fairies,but as I laughed,a gentle breeze back drafted the fire in the fire place and fanned our fire into a brief brightness,and I could have sworn,that just for an instant,I saw 2 little smilling elfen faces peering at me from the depths of Uncle Fossills gray beard!
the end
Bob Mitchum