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I got your Letter Yesterday

Story ID:8446
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Heartsick Chelsea Kansas Kid
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I got your Letter Yesterday

I got your Letter Yesterday

I got your Letter Yesterday
I looked at it curiously in my hand
Past memories rushing through my head
As I try to understand

After all this time
Your name mysteriously reappears
Reminding me of the good times
We had for those many years

I wonder why now
You send this letter to me
Certainly not to renew
Our friendship hopefully

I remember the day we met
At the drive in on South Main
You offered to take me home
So I would not walk home in the rain

We started dating
Mom and Dad of you, approved
Thought there was a possibility
We would soon be as one not two

We started to fall out of love
I tried with all my might
To patch up any problems we had
I worried away into the night

After all the wonderful times
You said you were moving on
In just a short time
You were gone

I waited for a long time
Thinking youíd suddenly appear
And we could renew our love
And start anew without fear

Now this letter I hold in my hand
From you after all this time thatís past
Iíll not open it
Iím through with you at last

She tore the letter in half
Then in a flash
She moved to the nearest garbage can
And threw it in the trash.

Monte L. Manka 11-18-2012