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My '72 Comet and Us

Story ID:8480
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Lakewood Ohio usa
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My friend said that some people have strong attachment value
to their car(s). I guess he meant me for one, and he was
absolutely right. After 40 years of owning my '72 Comet,
I guess you would say I am very attached to it. So many people
during this time would trade in their old cars and buy a
new one almost every year.

I could never see the logic or sense of it. Of course, the
auto makers heartily approved. It kept them rich, and the
workers employed.

I myself really didn't pick it out in October of 1971. My
sister and her husband did. I knew absolutely nothing about
cars, so they kindly obliged. It has a beautiful blue color
like that often associated with the color of a garment worn
by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

And then what makes it very special to me is that I call it
"Peaches'" Car. Peaches was my most beautiful part miniature
collie, and one year I even bought a specialized plate in her
name-PeachM. My first dog, she will always carry a special
place in my heart and she was the inspiration for my Animal
Welfare concerns. She loved my Comet too. Riding in it with
me made her day.

For some years now I realized that I would have to address
the rust accumulating on the bottom panels. A recent estimate
for this job was $3,000. The manager of the place where I get
my car serviced each year said he knew someone who did rust
repair and got it for me. Well, I thought I should get some more
estimates and told him so- though I was grateful for his effort in
this regard.

This past week my friend told me about a place that specializes
in Comet/Maverick restorations. It sounded good to me, so
we drove down there. Easily seen was a beautifully restored white
Maverick. Yes, - a superb job.

After looking over my Comet which he felt was a beautiful car,
he then began checking it out. Clearly, he was viewing it as a
restoration project, while I was looking first to repair the rust.
I kept on asking him for an estimate and he kept on showing me
places which needed work and which were tied into the rusted
panels. Fine, I said and asked him about how much would this

Never got an answer - though he mentioned how someone paid $15,000
to restore a Comet, and turned around and sold it for $25,000.
One problem I told him. I don't have $15,000.

Finally, we had to leave without getting any estimate on the
rusted panels' repair. He said he would e-mail this information.

Well, I know of a couple of other places to check. Hopefully,
I will find the RIGHT place which will do a good affordable job
on my rust problem. Yes, I certainly would like to address any
other problem that my Comet has, but for now, I have to concentrate
on repair - not restoration per se, and I told him as much.

Over the years, people have stopped and looked at my Comet with
surprise and awe. Some asked if I wanted to sell it. One person
left a note under the windshield asking me if I wanted to trade
it for his car (can't remember the make now.)

Well, Peaches, the Comet and I have grown old together. Maybe
both of us can't be fixed already. But that's okay. I will
give it a yeoman's try to find the right rust repairman because
I certainly would like to see her "sparkle" again as in her
wonderful prime.

But in the end all, she has served us both well and the 6 other dogs
who needed her services. I am grateful that I can still buy my cat
food for nine cats who needed a home. Just recently I had bought
many bags of bird seed to feed the birds of winter. Because most of
my birds were pigeons, my neighbor asked me to stop. I obliged.

So, my '72 was a God send. Over the past 40 years, I have been
able to care for 7 dogs, 35 cats, the birds of winter, one bunny, and
myself. Not too bad for one now very old Comet.