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It Would Be a Beautiful Place

Story ID:8498
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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There are good people in this world. Many don’t have to means to give, but they
do help others.

They really shine this time of year. Maybe it’s the season or maybe people notice
more during the holidays. In one day, I read about two heroes to humanity.
One is an anonymous donor from Kansas City, Missouri. They call him “The
Secret Santa”. Every Christmas, he shows up at homeless shelters, food banks and other
places people in need go for help. He hands $100 bills to those in need. This year he
traveled to parts of New York and New Jersey, where many lost every thing to hurricane

Escorted by a police motorcade made up of policemen from both New York
and New Jersey, plus FBI agents and former agents from around the country, Secret
Santa visited the hardest hit areas and gave $100,000 to those in need.

That same day, I read about a man who has much less than Secret Santa to
give away.

On November 14, 2012, New York Police Officer Lawrence DePrimo was on
counter terrorism patrol at Times Square, in the center on Manhattan, New York. As he
patrolled the square, he noticed a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk. His feet were
bare – no shoes or socks. Officer DePrimo was heavily dressed but was still cold that
night. He wore two pairs of socks and to fend off the cold.

He walked up to the man, asked him for his shoe size, went inside a nearby
shoe store and told the clerk, “There’s a man outside with no shoes or socks. He needs
help. I don’t care about the cost, but give me a pair of boots and socks for that man.”

The clerk allowed Officer DePrimo to use his police discount to purchase a
pair socks and waterproof boots for the man who had no home.

DePrimo paid seventy-five dollars, walked outside and presented the gift to
the man. DePrimo knelt beside the man and handed him the new socks and winter boots.
The man’s face lit up with delight as he accepted the gift.

Officer DePrimo did this with no thought of being recognized for his kindness.
The daughter of a former policeman, Jennifer Foster, who was visiting Times Square
from Arizona that night, witnessed the event and took a picture that tells a story
that many will never forget – a kind man giving from his own savings to a man who
was cold and had nothing.

Jennifer sent the photo to the New York Police department, who posted it on
their facebook page. Since then, the photo has gone viral and Officer DePrimo’s
kindness received the praise he deserved.

What would this world be like with more people like the secret Santa and
officer DePrimo’s.

It could be a beautiful place.

Secret Santa: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/50019955#.ULqOHmfzPAM

Boots and Socks: http://todaynews.today.com/_news/2012/11/30/15568550-cop-who-bought-shoes-for-homeless-man-really-didnt-think-about-the-money?lite

Michael T. Smith