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Crab's Corner-Your Ignorance Is Real!

Story ID:8538
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I never realized how much your ignorance is real, Middle Class, until I spoke to a poster on my social network when it comes to services to the Poor.

What do you see on TV blurbs during Thanksgiving and Christmas? You see a chintzy Thanksgiving and Christmas meal at a soup kitchen. Looks all warm and cuddly doesn't it. I've never been to a soup kitchen, but it's no doubt the same as every other service for the Poor. What you don't see are those people having to register to 'qualify' to be fed those chintzy meals. What portion are those people on? The third? I bet they're loaded down with one plate and that's it. But you never see that. Your ignorance is real. You have no idea what those Poor people had to do to GET fed. You don't give a damn whether they eat the rest of the year. Holidays are a time for "giving" to the Poor right? Your ignorance is real. We don't have an appetite twice a year. We need food ALL year. We're people not charity for your feel good holiday moment. To many of you, we're not grateful enough. But you won't be caught dead eating in a soup kitchen.

No doubt you see blurbs on TV about donations of food. I have. One or two items in a plastic bag and you think you're so noble. You pat yourselves on the back donating one or two items, maybe a whole bag of food you'd never eat because it's too low for you. Then you run home to eagerly await your Income Tax papers so you can take off your food donations as tax deductions. Your regard for Poor is two fold. We only exist as worthy of help during the holidays while the rest of the year you're villainizing, criticizing or ignoring us, and you regard us not as people but a tax deduction. We're your cause so you can feel better. You want us to wag our tails, be eternally grateful eating your garbage of dented can goods, expired or battered non perishable food boxes. But when challenged to donate food without your tax deduction, to do it all year not just Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have two reactions. Silence or defensiveness. You have no ignorance here, because you are one of those food donators who don't do it unless you get your tax deduction. Unless you benefit you help no one. You expect us to be eternally grateful for the scraps you won't touch. You won't donate well the rest of the year. That's why Food Banks are always complaining their shelves are half empty. It only serves you to donate for the holidays. You don't feel all warm and fuzzy the rest of the year toward anyone but yourselves and you resent a Poor person reminding you of that!

I bet you see on TV Food Banks. Now I've only gone to one here in Cleveland. I can't speak for other Ohio Food Banks. Your ignorance is real. You see people happily shopping at that Food Bank don't you. Doesn't that give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling? What you don't see, at least from my one experience: Give us your name, address, bring in a couple bills, bring in your tax papers so you can "qualify" to be fed and then you're led around to be told you can have no bacon even though the cooler is full of it. You can't have that huge ham stuffed in the cooler. No explanation why you can't have that six pound ham. You get one loaf of bread you don't know how old it is. You don't see the dented and dusty canned goods, the battered and expired boxes of pasta. You don't see them telling you, you can only have two cans of whatever is there. Three boxes of Mac&Cheese that's been sitting there on the shelf, battered, for who knows how long. You didn't hear the lady proudly dictating that if I refused to be led around like a toddler telling me what I could and couldn't have and how much, robbing me of the independent dignity as an adult human being capable of shopping on my own, that I had to leave. You weren't there to see half empty shelves. Once it's gone it's gone. You don't hear them say, at least in the Food Bank I was at, you can only have once a month, three days worth of food. But donations? All year they're asked for. But the main drive you only see at Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the shelves are still half empty when you get there. Your ignorance is real. You honestly think we just waltz in say I'm hungry and that Food Bank will feed you. You honestly think those shelves are constantly filled. It's all PR. Because I wasn't treated with dignity and respect, have I never again stepped foot in a Food Bank again whose phony PR convinces everyone that you're given full respect.

You object to Food Stamp eaters don't you. Your ignorance is real. You don't see the hoop jumping, the waiting. Name, address, bills, tax papers. You have to "qualify" over and over at their whim. You didn't see my Food Stamps get cut off when they sent the Interim Report too early. What's the Interim Report? Prove you're still Poor enough to be fed. Any question you have don't hesitate to call. You never saw me starving to death and having to wait ONE MONTH to get Emergency Food Stamps. You weren't there to see them set up just like an airport where you had to have things X-Rayed. You didn't see the look on the woman's face when I said I hope you're not intending to frisk me because I won't let you touch my junk.

You weren't there when they said this Interim Report is supposed to be sent every three months. My first Interim Report was sent THREE months AFTER I applied violating their policy of a first Interim Report sent three months AFTER you get your card. I did exactly what they said. Call. I demanded to know why my Interim Report was sent three months after I applied, NOT after getting the card picking and choosing which rules they chose to follow by telling me one thing then doing another. I demanded to know why I had to wait a month before getting the card when I was starving to death. I demanded to know why my Interim Report was sent too early when in another month I would've gotten my checks and been able to tell them what my new income would be. What was the response? I got cut off! They say have a question ask. They really don't expect you'll actually do it like I did. I wasn't sweet and diplomatic. I was outraged that they lied and violated their own policy. My calls were never returned. I wasn't the quiet, submissive Poor they expected. We're not 'allowed' to be angry like everyone else. Then I got a letter that said disagree with the decision? Go here to meet a Judge at an Appeal. When they can cut you off any time they want, when they don't return your calls, when they purposely don't live up to their own rules, they actually expected me to be that ignorant to think I'd be listened to at an Appeal. I didn't go. I wasn't going to waste my time begging to a biased judge whose interests were hardly with the Poor who have to do a dancing bear routine to be listened to who were screwed in the first place.

Your ignorance is real. You don't see nor care how Food Stamp Offices jerk you around. They're not accountable to us. How dare we expect them not to cut corners and show how powerful they are. You don't see Poor Advocates holding Food Stamp Offices accountable because there ARE none.

Your ignorance is real. You don't see the hoop jumping. You see people AFTER they've performed like dancing bears to get and keep their Food Stamp cards that are loaded once a month depending on your income or lack of it in Ohio. How much in Food Stamps you're given in other states I have no idea the criteria whether they have a set amount or whether your actual income or lack of it decides how much you get. What's real in every state is that you don't see them having to re-qualify again and again. You think Food Stamps are an easy gimme and keeper. Since when should you have to earn the right to eat!

You object to a Food Stamper eating steak and lobster foods you had no interest in before. You object to Food Stampers eating anything you dream about. Your ignorance is real. You object to Food Stampers eating steak and lobster, but you don't see the planning. You only have so much a month before the card is reloaded. You're resentful that some on Food Stamp Public Assistance won't eat garbage. How dare they have taste! Do you run out and buy steak and lobster? No. That 100" Plasma TV or cell phone with everything except a butler to wipe your asses you'd prefer.

What you didn't see was my Food Stamp people dictating you're not good enough to eat hot prepared foods. You can't walk into a Hometown Buffet, grocery store, Chicken Place or McDonald's and buy hot prepared food with Food Stamps. Your ignorance is real. You don't care when you're told that Food Stamp rules vary from state to state. You don't care that registers are programmed NOT to allow some purchases. You want us to eat garbage, expect nothing better than garbage. You object to Food Stampers eating steak and lobster, but before you saw one on Public Assistance buy steak and lobster, you never once cared if you ate them and you wouldn't be caught dead applying for Food Stamps except as a very last resort, hoping your neighbors don't see you.

Where I am in Ohio Food Stamps will NOT allow you to buy vitamins, prescriptions, hot prepared foods, alchohol, tobacco, paper products or even pet food as you must buy human food. Where I am, if you buy alchohol or tobacco, you buy them with CASH! Registers are programmed NOT to allow certain things. What people buy on Food Stamps I have no idea about in other states, but where I am in Cleveland, what you think we get with Food Stamps we don't! Your ignorance is real. What you see in Poor scammers who manage to get on Food Stamps not all Poor do!

The man on my social network spouted his slogan that "No one should go hungry in America". Yet he objected to a couple he knew buying stuffed chicken breasts, steak and lobster on Food Stamps. He objected to those people not eating what he thinks Poor people 'should' eat. But never once did he say he's even had stuffed chicken breasts, steak and lobster. It was all "They can afford with their Food Stamps stuffed chicken breasts, steak and lobster but I can't!" They're not preventing him from saving his weekly paychecks. Poor don't control what he can and can't do, HE does! He's ignorant in that a Food Stamp card has only a month on it before reload. You can't change it until your income has changed when it's acknowledged or ignored when you're told to come back. You're at someone else's mercy. With the hoop jumping for the Food Stamp card, steak, lobster, stuffed chicken breasts, are a well deserved reward.

"No one should go hungry in America" that poster said. But he objected to those two on Public Assistance buying two carts worth of food. I doubt that store had enough steak, stuffed chicken breasts and lobster for both carts filled to the brim. He objected to those people not buying enough to fit in a plastic grocery bag.

He whined how the husband didn't like throwing out food but the wife did. He objected to that woman doing exactly what Middle Class do. Throw out food. How dare you person on Public Assistance! We hold you to a higher standard! How dare you act like us and throw out food! How dare that person on Public Assistance expect better food and actually eat it.

Your ignorance is real. You think some of us only dream of eating high end food. You resent it when those on Food Stamp Public Assistance have the same interest in high end food. They'll eat it, while you whine about high end food you had no interest in getting until someone 'lower' than you dared to buy.

The man on that social network objected to those two people buying two carts full of high quality food on the Food Stamp card. No one should ever go hungry in America isn't applicable to those lower. You want to dictate what we can't eat on the Food Stamp card, but won't jump through hoops along with us to get the card.

The man on that social network was outraged that that couple bought two carts worth of high class food to stuff it in their "nice" car. His ignorance is real. He was outraged that those people on Public Assistance didn't live up to the stereotype of walking, using public transportation or having a beater car about to collapse in pieces along the way. Where was his two shopping carts of food? It held no interest for him until those two on Public Assistance. Where was his taken for granted fancier better car? It held no interest for him until he saw those two on Public Assistance. Where was his steak and lobster? It held no interest until he saw those two on Public Assistance. He got very defensive having that hypocrisy pointed out.

It shocked and outraged him, and no doubt you, that some, not all on Public Assistance, really don't drive a loud mufflered, back firing hunk of junk whose wheels are bent, wobbly, squeaky and rusty. We're supposed to have nothing. Your ignorance is real. You're outraged that although they're on Public Assistance they refuse to BE the deprived little urchins PR people try to convince you we all are. You automatically think those on Public Assistance never work. Some do some don't. But no one on Unemployment uses that to find work. They live off that money to get whatever they want. They don't explain, defend, justify, apologize for anything, neither should Poor! And on a Forum I looked in onto a couple years back a Middle Classer was proud of scamming Unemployment getting benefits by working an under the table job, reporting nothing, and saying he was unemployed. Only thing people wondered was if he paid taxes on his scam! He didn't explain, defend, apologize for scamming. He thought he was entitled as a Middle Classer!

When do you care about fancy clothes? Only when someone on Public Assistance refuses to dress in rags. When do you care about fancy cars? Only when someone on Public Assistance isn't walking or driving a beater about to pass away or taking the bus. When do you care about steak and lobster or stuffed chicken breasts? Only when you see people on Food Stamps buying those. When do you care about two carts full of food? Only when you see people on Public Assistance not starving the way they're 'supposed' to.

I'm sure you all have seen Coats For Kids, right? What do they ask for? NOT new coats for kids. They want "slightly used" if you have coats. Would you go out and actually BUY a nice coat for a Poor kid? NO! But that little kid has to be your eternally grateful tail wagger who'll accept slightly "used". They're not good enough for new coats. Would you give YOUR kids "slightly used" coats? NO! Only new. Notice how Coats for Kids only asks during Christmas? What about the rest of the year? Not a peep! PR Marketing isn't good unless you can generate "sympathy" and pity for those Poor kids. You don't give a damn about them the rest of the year criticizing their parents BEING on Public Assistance you'd sooner eat glass than apply for.

Your ignorance is real about Public Assistance because you depend on Media for your images. You don't care what repetitive dancing bear routine Poor need to perform to get what they need. It's not the easy gimme/keeper you think. Your ignorance is real. You'll lecture how evil Poor are for being on Public Assistance, having never stepped through Food Stamp or Welfare doors. I don't know about other states who'll give you Welfare for any reason, but where I'm at in Cleveland, Ohio, NO children, NO Welfare and no doubt you have to prove those kids are yours not Rent-A-Neighbor Kid for appearances just like we have to prove everything else repeatedly. If children only for Welfare is for all of Ohio I don't know. I just know that those in Cleveland can't shout gimme for Welfare without children and get it. You won't be given it!

Your ignorance is real. You judge Poor by what you think you know, but are resentful of the truth BY the Poor!