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Uncle Fossill Gets Amnesia

Story ID:8541
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Recently I was in Downtown Atlanta running an errand for my wife,it being the normal busy Christmas Season I was hurrying to get all my running around finished.Uncle Fossill had called me a week ago wanting me to come up to Podunk Tennessee for my usual Christmas visit and I had not given Him a time when I could get up there.So you can imagine my surprize when I spotted My Uncle Fossill setting in a restaurant dressed in a very expensive bussiness suit,drinking champaign with a lovely young woman "NOT AUNT FLOSSIE MAE!)I went in immediately and demanded that he explain himself to me!"Sir,said Uncle Fossill,I have absolutely no idea what you are speaking of and as far as I know,we have never met before!Uncle Fosssill,whats wrong with you!?I sir,He replied,am not your Uncle flossill!Ok Uncle Fossill,now look,I think you are a very sick man,I think you have come down with a case of amnesia and I am calling Aunt Flossie Mae first and then I am calling an ambulance to take you to the Hospital!Young Man,said Uncle Fossill,if you persist in this fantastic charade,YOU will be the one going to the Hospital,not I!
I immediately dialed Uncle Fossill's number on my cell phone intending to tell Aunt Flossie Mae that I had found Uncle Fossill and was sending him to Emory Hospital,but then for the second time that day I got another great shock! for Uncle Fossill answered the phone!
When the police arrived I had a helluva time explaining to them that I had mistaken a perfect stranger for my Uncle Fossill!
It seems that every one in the world has a twin after all.
Bob Mitchum :)