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Story ID:8558
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
Person:Snowmen and Snowwomen
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I toyed with this idea for a story.
I'm not sure it works or not. I just went for it.
It's been a rough few weeks. My mom, 3500 miles
away, had a triple bypass, Ginny's father-in-law,
from her first husband, died and her aunt had an operation to remove a tumor.

Crazy week.
I'd love comments on this one. It needs work, but I can't figure out where I can improve it.


A late winter snow covered the ground the morning Justin and Vanessa climbed
from their cozy beds. “Mom, can we play in snow?”

“After you eat breakfast.”

“Mom! We want to play in the new snow.”

“After breakfast, I said”

They ate, dressed for the cold and rushed from the house.

Justin and Vanessa walked through the heavy wet snow. Their footprints trailed
them like cookie-cutter marks made in fresh dough.

“Let’s make snowwomen.” Vanessa chimed.

“There are no snowwomen.” her brother smirked. “They are all men. Everyone
knows that.”

“You’re only six. What do you know?”

“More than you …you’re nose is running, booger girl.”

“I’m telling mom!”

“Go ahead! I don’t care. Mom will see it too.”

Justin turned his back on Vanessa, “I’m making a snowman.”

“I’m making a snowwoman. I bet mine is better than yours.”

He ignored her. He gripped snow in his hands, formed it into a ball and rolled it
through the fresh and perfect wet snow.

Vanessa did the same. Her brother wouldn’t outdo her.

They rolled and rolled. They yard once full of snow became a patchwork of

A snow-woman and a snowman stood face-to-face.

“Mine’s better than yours!” Justin smirked.

“Is not!” Vanessa retorted.

“Is too!”

Vanessa looked at her snow woman. “I’m going to get my red stocking hat and
a pink scarf for Sarah. She'll look great.”


"That's her name."

"That's dumb. My snowman is Tony. He's a tough truck driver. I’m getting my
blue hat and dad’s old blue tie. My snow man will look like a businessman. Dad won't

“He will too!”

“If you tell, I’ll knock your snowwoman over.”

They rushed into the house and gathered clothing for their snow creations.

Tony and Sarah faced each other – one dressed in red and pink; the other in

That night, as the children slept, the snow couple stared at each other with their
pine cone eyes. In the bitter cold, the wet snow froze. Like statues, they admired each

Tony felt a tingle flow through his stacked rounded body as a sparkle appeared
in Sarah's eyes. "Are you alive too?"

The pine cones of Sarah's mouth shimmered, "I am."

Tony sighed. One of the pine cones in his mouth dropped to the ground and was
swallowed by the fresh snow. "I felt so alone. It's nice to have a friend to be with me."

Sarah's brown eyes brightened, "I'm glad you're with me too."

A month went by. The weather warmed. Tony dreamed of reaching his stick arm
out to Sarah – to touch her hand. Their age showed: teeth fell out, buttons dropped to the

On a warm winter day, a day promising of spring to come, their bodies began
to melt. Their water touched. They touched for the first time. Their hearts came together,
ran down a hill, flowed into a stream, where they joined with other snowmen and

Together, they flowed into a river, swirling and churning as one. They joined the
sea and were together forever.

Michael T. Smith