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Life is Precious

Story ID:8614
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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dear readers, and we should have funny days to talk about, as Esther and I do, in our 38th year of marriage. Since my stroke twelve years ago I enjoy my time with her. It is so nice this way. Esther and I are involved with different things and we work together. One church separated us with different duties and I said NO, we are a team. I want as many moment as possible, to be filled with my Lord and Esther.

Years ago our church had a Marriage Seminar at this beautiful resort, and when we arrived they said the couple's wing was shut down due to some plumbing problems. So women and men had to be separated into respective single dorms. I said, NO WAY, we are going home. "I sleep with my wife especially at a Couples Marriage Seminar to strengthen marriages" I said. We ended up getting a nice private suite, no extra charge, ha. The others really whined about that one.

Years ago we took a train ride to visit our son in Toronto. The private suite on the train was half-price and was the first time we ever spent the money on one. Come bedtime the porter began to make up the beds. He pulled them from the wall and I saw a bunk bed one on top of another. I said, "I'm supposed to have a double bed, I ALWAYS sleep with my wife." . "They must have been teasing you about a double if you asked them," the Porter answered.

I said, "Well we're still going to sleep together." The porter looked at the two single bunk beds and said, "Good luck." So Esther and I climbed to the top one, and the only way we could fit was to sleep back to back. We held on the rails for dear life all night, as the train tumbled through the night. And we never did that again.

Years ago we registered in the hotel in Toronto for a Conference. We were tired after our trip and when the hotel clerk said, "I'm sorry sir, but we are all booked and could not find you a double bed room, so there are only two singles in your room." I said, "That is not my problem, sir. I booked a week ago and this is my confirmation. I am to have a room with a double bed and with a decent view, no parking lot to stare at.

I see someone is a little late sir, so we will give you his room, no extra charge. Perhaps he wont show up. So we went up opened the door and what a lovely suite, with the room view and a bottle of cold Champagne on the divan, along with a lovely soft double bed. We freshened up, then hurried down to the foyer to meet the rest of my County Councillors to go somewhere for a drink. It was a Social Services Conference and I was the Administrator for the County.

When we came downstairs we heard our Warden of the County holding court. He was furious and almost stomping up and down. "Imagine," he said, "ten minutes late checking in and I find out they gave my room to someone else. I even ordered a bottle of champagne and the best view in town. If I ever find the SOB who got my room." We kept our distance from him for the next three days and did not even invite him up for a glass of his champagne.

Yes indeed, couples can share good memories. Why not check your own and discover you too may have a few chuckles to pass on to your family?

Richard L. Provencher