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Dear Christian - an open letter

Story ID:8645
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Letter
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard L. Provencher
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In today’s world we are subjected to the wiles of enemies: Greed, corruption, lust and the bombardment of commercials detour us into a different way of life. It’s a tease, such as in the Garden of Eden when the snake enticed our fore-parents to disobey God. Down through the ages we have had the advisor of all advisors, the Holy Spirit who dwells within us.

Unfortunately, those of us in the Western world would rather listen to the “snake of deception.” Nice foods, rich-looking attire and the toys of success turn our eyes away from the Word; the Bible, the foundation of Truths, a Guideline for Living.

It’s time for us to take a stand, myself included. Reach out and touch someone in the community with a prayer for overcoming a limitation, or to assist a neighbor, even a stranger with a ride for shopping, perhaps enable them to visit a loved one in a Nursing Home. Unfortunately, as one Pastor reminded us recently, we are like well-fed cows that move from one pasture to another and feed, feed, feed, without using Devine knowledge received.

We are too complacent in our “church-world” with saved friends or relatives. How nice to dress up, leave with full tummies and enter our warm churches where everyone is your friend. That is until an offense is accepted. Then the nasty words are received, misinterpreted so often, until the tongue, as a messenger, delivers a counter-punch which may devastate so many with the gossip of destruction. Let us get over ourselves.

It reminds me when I was first dealing with my stroke from almost nine years ago. I struggled with depression as a result. My doctor warned me about that possibility, since I had been so active, that I would dwell on comparing the then and now. My early recovery days were also spent on prayers for myself, until the Holy Spirit whispered, “Begin praying for others.” When I did get outside of myself, my physical and mental recovery began to take effect. Now I am a walking miracle, thank you Lord.

We must read the whole Bible. Another minister recently heard, stated research showed only 5% of Christians have read the whole Bible, which INCLUDES the Old and New Testament. Too often, we use particular sections to support a position, which can be erroneous without the full text of understanding.

Christians, I implore you to reverse the trends taking place in our society. Speak up with passion for the lifestyle you were raised with; especially young people. Living common-law should not be the norm for two single persons, take a stand; make a lifelong decision. I spoke to a man today who speaks of such love for his wife, of 75 years; such a testimony to Holy Matrimony.

Remember, Jesus was not a wimp. He was a sacrifice to overcome the image of God as a harsh ruler, to one of kindness and concern for our difficulties. Through his Son Jesus Christ, He arrived in the flesh of man, sustained the liabilities of humans and overcame the world, through love and forgiveness. What an inspiration for us. How can we not reappraise our lifestyles? Our ambitions? Through prayer, love of family, perseverance in our daily lives, and attending a church for foundation grounding, we can achieve the blessings provided us. Amen.

* * *

© Richard L. Provencher