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One, Two...Three

Story ID:8696
Written by:Richard Laurent. Provencher (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Biography
Location:Truro Nova Scotia Canada
Person:Richard & Esther Provencher
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It only takes a count of three for the little man to draw forward with an uttering. Arggggggghhh! He gets louder as he grows older. Spencer is fourteen months old now. Not really old, just exuberant with a plus.

His feet try to keep pace with stretching arms. They wiggle and waggle. Shrieks of joy exude. He has spotted something interesting. In fact, everything is interesting, since he learned how to touch, poke and grab. Telephone cords, computer ones, and of course the buttons on the micro-wave oven are his to attempt to caress. Our small apartment is not kid-proof.

We ensure he is well protected. The sounds of our heavy-footed steps thunder after him. Each of us takes turn approaching as a hovering shadow. Suddenly, Spencer does an end run back to something where we said, “Don’t touch.” His mind alerts itself---that was then, this is now.

A u-turn brings one of us back to the other side of our living room. He has transformed it into his playroom and we have to dodge, step over and try not to crunch plastic blocks, cars and a fire engine.

He is such a delightful little fellow; the son of a dear friend we refer to as our spiritual son. I had the pleasure of taking this boy’s dad out to enjoy the outdoors when he was around 11-12. And now here we are---my wife and I, babysitting his dear son. His wife works part-time as a teacher and needs a little help.

We oblige, enjoying the chance to spend with an abundance of energy. When he was just a little wiggle and jiggle, he cooed and burped. Now he shouts, “Arggggggghhh” when he sees his milk on the table, suddenly remembering he is thirsty. Or the teddy bear is not where it should be, and is returned to a programmed spot. We learned it takes about three seconds for Spencer to see, analyze then exhort us with his famous quotation.

Chasing, tickling, reading, feeding and reading again, interspersed with “No, no---don’t touch” completes the babysitting period. We are exhausted, yet elated. And so pleased we occupy a small part of this little tyke’s life. Also once again, he did not desire any sleep, due to having so much fun. Several times his body swayed to the tune of our communal singing, and almost fell sleepily onto his sponge mat adorned with a favourite blanket.

After dad and mom arrived, we socialize for a bit. Much kissing and hugging took place, with Spencer the star of the show. Oh-oh, time to go. And his little pair of eyes are twinkling over daddy’s shoulder. He knows he will return once again for more of our fun and love.

© Richard & Esther Provencher
Website: www.wsprog.com/rp/