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Happy Birthday, Mom…

Story ID:8716
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:In Memory
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Happy Birthday, Mom…
By Chuck Dishno
February 20, 2013

Today is the 116th anniversary of my Mothers birth. She was born, Lura Hartman, in Missoula, Montanass on February 20, 1897.

Mom lived 95 years and died back here in Montana, living with Roz and I. I was fortunate to have her near to me all but a couple of those years. Mom passed away on May 8, 1992 and is buried in Dillon in the Dishno family plot.

My, how that lady loved birthdays…She kept a list of everyone’s birthday and rarely forgot one. Naturally everyone remembered Mom’s birthday too and she would get a mountain of presents.

I always made it a point to write a limerick for her. One of the last ones I wrote pertained to my two brothers and me:

Happy birthday to old lady Dish,
Whose three sons are her fondest wish.

One ate everything in sight. (Me)
On saved with all his might. (Brother Bud)

And the other was named after a fish. (Brother Shad)

I should explain that Bud and Shad were half-brothers and their last name was Meiser

Happy birthday, Mom…
Thank you for giving me a sense of humor and nurturing my soul. I look forward to being with you when I transfer my space here on earth to Heaven. What a great time we will all have recalling our crazy life as mortals. I hope Heaven is ready for us!!!

Thank you for giving me so many good memories and instilling in me the love of God.

Your son, Charles