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Slap Me

Story ID:8727
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Location:Caldwell ID USA
Person:All of Us
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Slap Me

I think about my children often. They both thrive where they live. My daughter
lives in Ohio and my son in Nova Scotia. There hava been a few bumps along the way,
but my children now live their lives.

They are adults. I succeeded.

Life was tough for me, but I was able to put my children on the road to their
own future.

I have struggled to keep my feet out of the quagmire of debt and failed often.
The debt struggle continues. I'm a normal man with a normal life. I'm a man who
looks at the world and tries to find the good in it.

There is a lot of bad, I choose to ignore it. I look for the good; for a smile.

My friend from Bangalore, India sent me a video the other day. It touched
me deeply. I stopped what I was writing and wrote this.

I'm pleased my kids are thriving. There are some in the world who are joyful
their children alive.

This humbled me.

If I ever complain again, slap me.

This may be a commercial, but the message is strong.

Michael T. Smith