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Shad, Pop and the Pontiac

Story ID:8744
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family Memories
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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Shad, Pop and the Pontiac
By Chuck Dishno
March 2013

I have written about my two half-brothers before but this one is about Shad, who was 12 years older than me. Shad was the lover of the family and proved it by his nightly dates with one of the beautiful Bly girls.

This story is about an incident that will remain in my memory forever. The year was about 1942 and Shad had his usual date. It was a Saturday and I think he was thinking about the “backseat boogie”.

The only car we had, was a 1936 Pontiac that Pop had traded for a couple of years earlier. Saturday was usually Pop’s day for fishing but on this day, he came home early and parked the Pontiac in the shed along side the house. Shad took this for his opportunity to use the car for his hopeful evening escapade and he backed it out. He was starting to wash it when Pop came out and asked him where he thought he was going. Shad said that he was going to take the car on a date that night and wanted to clean off all the fishing dirt first. Pop never minded Shad using the car but wanted to be asked first.

Pop told him to put the car back and not to use it again without asking first. Shad put the hose away then got into the car, revved up the engine, popped the clutch spinning the wheels all the way back into the shed.

Pop and I had gone back into the house and were standing in the living room when Shad came in very mad. Pop tried to calm him down but made Shad even madder by telling him never to treat his car that way again. Shad then threw the key at Pop hitting him in the chest and emitting some expletives. Shad was standing against the wall when he reached out and pushed Pop.

I should explain that my Pop wasn’t a very big man, standing at only 5’8” and at this time 65 years old. He was a powerful man though having been a cattle rancher for the first 40+ years of his life and at this time had been a timber faller for over 12 years. He had huge muscles obtained by pulling a cross-saw and swing and axe.

Apparently, Shad had not taken into account what this normally gentle man was capable of. When Shad pushed Pop my Dad stepped back and brought a clenched fist up from the floor and caught Shad right on the chin. Shad bounced off the wall then slid down it like an egg. Shad was sitting on the floor rubbing his chin when Pop apologized and helped him up. Nothing more was said but I was crying for my brother Shad and proud of my Pop at the same time.

I can’t remember if Shad got to use the Pontiac that evening or not but I’m sure he did as Pop wasn’t one to carry a grudge. If Shad did I’ll bet he had a hard time kissing his girl with that fat lip administered by our gentle old Pop.

I think every one soon forgot the incident. Pop continued his fishing; Shad continued his loving until he enlisted in the Army Air Force where a beautiful southern belle trapped him. The results were four beautiful children.

Years later I asked Shad if he remembered the time he got flattened out by Pop. He said he sure did and in all the fights he had been in, that was the hardest he had ever been hit.

We all loved our Pop and that day we gained a little more respect for him and the power in those loggers’ arms.

Pop and Shad have gone on to their Heavenly reward now. I like to think of them sitting by some Heavenly stream, catching Heavenly trout. Pop will be displaying his fishing expertise and Shad will be admiring Pop’s newly acquired chariot while stroking his chin that was so abused in the previous life by a gentle man.