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Seoul Korea's "Honey Wagons"

Story ID:8758
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona Ca. USA
Person:Holding nose Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Seoul Korea's "Honey Wagons"

Seoul, Korea’s Honey Wagons

30 years of occupation
By the Japanese
Left Korea in terrible condition
Korea was on its knees.

The streets were full of holes
The trolleys windowless and slow
O K in the summertime
But not in the snow

The sewer system
Was almost beyond repair
In the capital city of Korea
Few flushing potty’s anywhere

I drove a Jeep to Seoul
While on the street
An Ox driven wagon
I happened to meet

The odor from this wagon
Was a horrible thing
Thoughts of dead animals
It did bring

My first Honey wagon
As I passed by
The smell
Brought tears to my eye

Human waste was poured
Into a “Honey Wagon”
From five gallon cans
The odor left you gaggin

Fine homes in Seoul
On the front stoop were full cans
To be transferred to the “Honey Wagon”
In the early a. m.

The road to Seoul
Was long and narrow
To be caught behind a “Honey Wagon”
Brought on tears of sorrow

The wagons moved to the rice paddy
To make their drops
Poured the load into a ditch
To ferment and be used on their crops

With the help of the U.S. Army
Most unsanitary problems were slowed
The “Honey wagons”
Were fewer and fewer on the road

It was hard for me to believe
A country could survive
With sanitation a foreign word
And come out alive

Now when I am in heavy traffic
And its stop and go
I’m glad I am not behind a “Honey Wagon”
Doncha Know.

Monte L. Manka 03-13-13