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The Life I Have

Story ID:8761
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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Ginny drove with our granddaughter Elizabeth, who sat in her safety seat in
the back.

Elizabeth was coming to our apartment for a night with Gingin and Poppa-Mike.
During their car ride, Elizabeth asked Ginny, "Gingin, have you ever wanted to restart
your life?"

Elizabeth is only five years old.
"Restart my life? What do you mean, Lizzie?" Ginny asked.

"You know, Gingin. Have you ever wanted to restart your life and begin again?"

Ginny wondered where Elizabeth was headed with the conversation, so she
played along. "There are times when I wish I could, Lizzie, but how can I do that?"

"It's really easy, Gingin! First, you close your eyes. Second, you say,
'OHMMM!' Then you put a diaper on your head and you have to wear a pink dress.

"The best part is, you get to start as a kid again, but you keep your ability to
drive, your license and your car."

Ginny tried not to laugh and asked Elizabeth, "Do I put a clean diaper on my
head or a dirty one?"

"Gingin! It has to be clean!" As if Ginny were stupid.

"What about Poppa Mike? How does he restart his life?" Ginny asked.

"That's easy, Gingin. All Poppa Mike has to do is put salt on his heels, close his
eyes and shake his head."

Ginny and I have no idea where Elizabeth got these ideas and thoughts from,
but it made me wonder. What if I could restart my life?

I guess there are a few things I would change, but not many. All my decisions
have led me across two countries and across the continent. They also led me to Ginny.
The road has been rough. There has not been constant love and laughter. I remember
a dark period in my life when, working away from my family and struggling with
finances; I walked to work and wanted to walk in front of a passing truck and end it
all. I didn't. I charged forward, because deep down, I knew I had something to look
forward to.

As a dear friend told me, "Mike, your writing is a ministry. You are helping

Kevin was right. My writing is a mission.
The other reason is the woman who sleeps with me.
I found love once, lost it and was blessed to find true love again. The woman
I dreamed about for decades is finally here, near me, in my arms when I need her and
always supports me.

Do I want to put salt on my heels, close my eyes, shake my head and start over?
No, I'm satisfied with the love and life I have.

Michael T. Smith