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Crab's Corner -The Right To Gripe

Story ID:8762
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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I was outraged by a poster on one of my social network boards who had the gall to tell me I had no right to complain about anything. I was livid and of course he tried to rationalize it.

Take his absurd hypothetical scenario of a nurse who was sick and tired of the sour attitude complaints of her hypothetical patient who lost a foot. In his hypothetical post, the poster said the nurse took One Foot to the room of One Leg. See? He's worse off than you. One Foot said yeah, you're right. I would've said so what! He's ticked off losing a leg, I'm ticked off losing a foot. It's just not "a" foot, it's my foot I lost. It's just as important to whine about. You want me to be grateful I only lost a foot not a leg? Then you get your foot cut off and tell me I should be so Zen with acceptance! Any able-bodied person who tells an amputee they should be grateful they lost part of something instead of all, should have their heads amputated for their patronizing stupidity be it real life or hypothetical scenario.

The poster's hypothetical got me angry. Since when should a patient not complain? It's not their job to make things easier on the nurse.

The poster said to me when I told him awful experiences of being Poor said no I've never been through what you have. What was that? Almost going homeless that I still have to worry about because there's no help for being behind on property taxes in my state, almost freezing to death, almost starving to death, being absolutely penniless, having to give up my car and my independence. No, he never went through those but had the unmitigating gall to say as all Middle Class do trying to make their problems the only ones existing, "I know financial hardship. I and the wife live off $2400/month. We have it tough."

He has it tough when he's admitted he's never almost starved to death, never almost frozen to death, never been absolutely penniless and on the brink of homelessness, still has his taken for granted car and independence? He's clueless!

Tough is when you get paid for the rest of your life three small inheritance checks from a relative's donation to his college that are never the same dependent on the Market and donation.

Tough is when those checks come NOT once a month but every quarter and three weeks. That's three months and three weeks but never on the same day, never the same amounts, delayed because of holidays. Sometimes I get all three at once, sometimes two at once then I have to wait a couple days for the last one. Tough is when you're starving, want at least one early check and are denied! Tough is when property tax time comes and 90% goes to them always being raised because of silly school levies at a time when we all have to pinch pennies, paying for school levies when you have NO kids in any schools and you struggle the next three months to pay your bills and eat regularly hoping that when the next quarter comes around you can get something for yourself calling it a luxury!

Tough is when no one will hire you for what you CAN do, you have no transportation to get to any job because of no car, no buses running any more in your area, no cab fare to rely on, and you're dependent on three small inheritance checks.

Tough is begging for services only to be at their mercy, they're unfairly cut off and you have no Advocate to help you who won't do it to help but will only do it if you're fat in the wallet!

Tough is never, in the eight years of my getting these 3 checks, ever getting a total of $2400 for a quarter.

$2400/month isn't "tough". It's paradise. Where can I get that a month! I sure as hell don't get that every quarter and three weeks!

Middle Class will have it "tough" when they don't get their money once a month or once a week, but three weeks AFTER the quarter ends which is three months, never on the same day, never the same amount and be denied when you need the money early!

I'm tired of hearing Middle Class gripe about high gas prices on cars they take for granted, but I'm told to shut up because I have no more car and my independence has been lost now onto three years!

Every time you fill up, regardless of the price, you should be grateful you HAVE a gas tank to complain about! I long for the day where I can get a car if I'm not homeless first, and complain to myself how I'm always either too close or too far to the pump. I'll at least HAVE a car to park crooked at the pump.

An ex friend complained about how he had four old tires and one was losing air. But he takes for granted he HAS a car with four old tires. When I told him maybe he should start walking to places I got the usual silence. He's got two cars and takes them both for granted until something happens that needs fixing. God forbid he should actually have to walk more than a yard let alone a few miles. He was always whining how fat he is, how he needs to exercise, but I've said walk where you need instead of drive and he glared at me. He takes for granted his two cars, he whines about being fat, but has never gone a day without food like I have and refuses to literally walk more than a yard.

I'm tired of hearing Middle Class gripe about Obamacare. The same Obamacare they imposed on us Poor because of ignorance, fear mongering, stereotyping. Poor have the right to complain and have a bad attitude because Middle Class bellyache about Obamacare their employers pay out of pocket not employees. I'm tired of being told to shut up by people because I hate being imposed upon because I'm of a Caste I didn't choose that's always scapegoated. Obamacare helps Middle Class, penalizes Poor, and Middle Class expect us to silently accept being forced to buy. Middle Class pay no penalities.

I'm sick and tired of Middle Class lecturing me about "priorities". Oh you'll save more money if you gave up this or that. You don't need that internet. You don't need Cable. Give those up and you'll have money. Will YOU give up your Cable for three years and get it back like me? NO! Will YOU give up your car and independence now onto three years like I did? NO! Will YOU give up your internet, tech gadgets, tv, Cable? NO! I've given up too much and I'm entitled to have Cable, a tv, computer, internet, that I struggle to keep, that YOU take for granted! When YOU, Middle Class, start giving up things, you can talk to me about priorities and saving money!

I'm tired of hearing Middle Class act like they have it so "tough" and be told to shut up when I tell them how "tough" life really is when you have little to nothing. They close their ears because they're arrogant enough to think nothing will ever happen to them.

I'm tired of seeing commercials where cell phone users gripe about dropped calls, taking for granted they HAVE a cell phone. Mine was cut off four years ago!

I'm tired of hearing Middle Class bellyache about the high cost of food, constantly bellyaching about obesity, watching everything they eat, but have never ONCE gone a day without eating. When you're starving like I have and am as I write this, you're scared of gaining weight with food you take for granted?

The poster said to me "You can complain ad nauseum all you want but..." I complain ad nauseum? What do you call it when Middle Class constantly bellyache about high gas prices! They should kiss their gas tank lids after each fill up because they could just as easily have no car!

What do you call Middle Class who complain constantly about the minimum wage, never being satisfied, taking for granted they HAVE a job whose pay they can gripe about, a job they interviewed for knowing hours and pay up front and still accepted the job!

What do you call Middle Class doing when they're constantly griping how the President isn't looking out for the Middle Class while us Poor are either ignored or scapegoated for problems we don't start but are despised enough that being picked on is acceptable! Middle Class complain "ad nauseum" and it's acceptable, and I should be quiet?

The right to gripe isn't a Middle Class entitlement. What I'm sick and tired of hearing about from Middle Class are their gripes about things they take for granted and don't appreciate!

Stop griping about high food costs when you've never gone hungry! You could be penniless and starving!

Stop complaining about high gas prices when you have a car instead of walking and losing your independence!

Stop griping about minimum wages when you're still employed that allows you to get things you want, but not absolutely need!

Stop griping about your mortgage problems when you can go to your otherwise evil bank and get help that's an opportunity that's provided as a favor not an absolute right!

Gripe about things you've actually LOST because of finances!

I'm sick of Middle Class demanding Poor always BE complacently silent in their griping about how tough life really is having little to absolutely nothing, that Middle Class never experience but act like they have because having half of something to them IS absolutely nothing.