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Story ID:8766
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Family History
Location:Gilboa New York USA
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In late February Rikko, the cat that was the subject of Ourecho story #3490, A BLESSING NAMED RIKKO, also featured in PETWARMERS, Angel Animals Story of the Week and in Catnip Chronicles Magazine, began fighting a urinary infection. He was taken to the animal hospital. He was given an anti-biotic injection that was supposed to last for ten days. Three days later he again exhibited the same symptoms. I took him back to the animal hospital. This time they put him on a liquid anti-biotic. One eye dropper full daily for ten days. Three days after the last eye dropper full, he exhibited the same symptoms again.

Back to the animal hospital we went. This time it was decided he needed a urine culture to determine what kind of bacteria it was and what anti-biotic it will respond to. His bladder was empty so he had to be left overnight so they could wait for his bladder to fill so a sample could be obtained. He was then sent home with some pills - a wide spectrum anti-biotic, given at a half tablet each day. When the lab report came back a few days later, there was a negative result. On the bottom of the report was a statement that a negative result could be expected if on anti-biotics any time from seven to ten days before the sample was taken. Of course he had but the vet said after four days was okay.

He seemed to have done well on the wide spectrum anti-biotic so he was given that one for fourteen days. The last dose given on Thursday, March 14th. The night of Friday, the 15th he again exhibited symptoms of the infection. Unable to get him to a vet over the weekend there was nothing to be done but wait until Monday. The night of Saturday the 16th, he was crying mournfully and bleeding had begun. He stopped eating and became listless. On Sunday the 17th the bleeding and crying became much worse and he began drinking a lot of water.

Monday the 18th, today, he was taken to another hospital. A month had passed and I had spent more than $400 so far with no results. I wanted to try another hospital. This hospital examined him, informed me that he was plugged up or blocked. He needed a catheter right away, needed fluids and all kinds of tests plus an X-ray. Initial estimate was $718 and change. I was required to sign authorization to proceed with treatment and agree to pay. He was going to require minimum of three days in the hospital. I signed the forms and said good bye to Rikko. I told him they were going to take care of him for a few days and make him feel better.

I had not yet eaten breakfast so I made a stop at Dunkin Donuts and got a sandwich and a cup of coffee to go. Then I began my trip home. Before I could get home I got a call on my cell phone. It was the vet. I was told Rikko's infection had spread to his kidneys. The kidney function had dropped to only 20%. His blood pressure was very low and he needed transfusions. His body temp was several degrees to low. He needed to be in an ICU. He could not be adequately treated in the animal hospital. It was going to cost several thousand dollars to treat him and the treatment will result in much suffering. Under the best of conditions, there is only a 10% chance he could survive with all of that. Putting him to sleep was recommended as the kindest thing to do. Further treatment considered to be futile and under the circumstances, inhumane. I gave consent to put him to sleep. It pained me to do so. Since Tae has been in the nursing home, Rikko has been there for me. He has been my buddy and my pal. He more than any other has been my source of comfort when I needed it. Now he is gone to Heaven. Now he can give comfort to the Lord. Rikko, I miss you already.