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ELLIS IN BLUNDERLANS (A mitchum fairy tale)

Story ID:8767
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:phenix city alabama U.S.A.
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Ellis was invited to a small office picnik and when He arrived he found the food was all set out on the wooden table,so after a small lunch consisting of 6 hamburgers,3 plates of fried chicken,2 pizzas and 4 glasses of iced tea,he fell asleep under a very huge oak tree.He was abruptly awaked by a white rat gnawing on his shoe string.Thats odd,he mused to himself,I thought I was wearing flip flops when I went to sleep , I must have blundered and put on the wrong shoes after all.He looked for the white rat that had awakened him,but the rat had disappeared down a knothole in the tree,this just gets cursiver and cursiver,he said to himself. Ha ! said a voice behind Him.you just blundered! you should have used the word curious instead of cursive! Who are you?said Eliis.I said a rather odd looking beasts standing behind Ellis,I am a Blunder beast! HA ! said Ellis,You just Blundered also,because I asked who you were not what you were ! well replied the Blunder Beast,you just Blunderd also,because if I WERE somthing,then I couldent be here as ME,because to use the term WERE implied that I was somthing else before I was me.Having said that,the Blunder Beast pricked Ellis with a small needle. Ouch! said Ellis,why did you do that? I just gave you some growth serum,said the Blunder Beast.Why did you give me growth serum? asked Ellis.Because you need to grow a bnit in order to reach the next level of Blunder land,replied the blunder beast. MUAHAHAHAAA laughed Ellis,you just blundered again,for I seem to be getting smaller,not taller!
Ellis became so small that he fell through a crack in the ground and landed in another level of blunder land where he blundered around for some time before hitting his head on a limb of a tree and knocking him self unconscience,where upon he awakened under the tree where he had fallen asleep in the first place.Wow said Ellis,what a Blunderful adventure that was!