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Black wolf

Story ID:8768
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Corona CA USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Black  wolf

Black wolf

Many Moons ago
Out on the prairie
I came upon this scrawny wolf pup
He was black an hairy

I took him to my teepee
Fed him each day
He didnít like me at first
Later he decided to stay

When the wolves howled at night
Outside my teepee
Little Black wolf
Would cuddle up to me

While he was growing up
Each day we would walk in the sun
He loved to chase rabbits
Black wolf loved to run

When black wolf caught a rabbit
He would lay it at my feet
Wait for me to pick it up
This was meat to eat

We topped a rise,
On one of our walks
Below was a wolf pack
Spotting us they started to stalk

Black wolf bared his teeth
He growled, the hair on his back
Stood up around his neck
I froze expecting them to attack

Black Wolf stood in front of me
In a protective pose
The leader of the wolf pack slinked up to us
And touched Black wolf Nose to Nose.

Black wolf stood his ground
The wolf pack leader slinked away
Maybe their bellies were full
On this particular day

Black wolf stood stiff and ready
Until the pack was out of sight
Seemed to be more wolves howling
Outside my teepee that night.

Black wolf seemed nervous
The moon was shining bright
He turned to me, then left the teepee
Disappeared into the night

Black wolf joined the wolf pack
He joined them eagerly
On my daily walks
I could see Black wolf, his eyes were on me.

While in my teepee at night
I heard the wolves howling
I felt safe because Black wolf
Was with the wolf pack prowling

The wolf pack has moved
On to better hunting ground
Black wolf
Is no longer around

Oh how I miss Black wolf
I know heís happy as can be
I wonder
Does he ever think of me?

Monte L. Manka 03-19-2013