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The Clarion Call Of The Wild

Story ID:8772
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Mutt the Jack Russell Terrier lay dreaming at his mistress's feet,wuff! wuff! He muttered,Mistress looked down and touched him on his shoulder,You silly mutt,she whispered,what would you do if you could go out to live in the wilderness?
Mutt looked up at her in an embarrassed way and wagged his tail,He had been dreaming of running with the pack and howling at the moon,He was also sure that there had been a killed deer some where in that dream.Oh! he thought to himself,if only I could run with the pack just one time before old age claims me!He thought wistfully.
The next day,as he was making his usual rounds of the old two story house in which he and mistress resided,he chanced upon and unlocked door that led to the outside,ah he thought,now is my chance! I shall go out to the wild woods, meet up with a pack and RUN!So away he went sniffing and tracking,tracking and sniffing untill at last he caught a scent of several canines,ahhh the pack at last! unschooled as he was in the life of a pack,mutt had no idea that coyotes eat dogs,especially dogs that are smaller than they are.He burst into the middle of several coyotes as they were preparing to howl,looking around he was a bit startled that none of them approached him in a kind manner,in fact they all seemed to be looking at him and licking their chops as if about to enjoy a fine feast!
The next day,after calling mutt to come home,mistress went out into the woods to see if he had been caught in a trap of some kind,but all she ever found was a bit of fur tangled within the grass and a rather small bit of femur bone.She took the bit of fur and the bone home and burried them and placed a stone over the grave so that wild animals could not get to it.The next day,she went to a pet shop and bought an Irish wolf hound and then she went to a hard ware shop and bought a a 22 rifle and 200 rounds of ammo.
The End.